Deka Ironworks shows off JF-17 FCS

Work continues on the DCS World JF-17 module being developed by third party developer Deka Ironworks. The JF-17 has been mostly unseen through 2018 but Deka Ironworks is now starting to show us more and more of the module. Today we’re getting a look at the flight model and a simulation of the jet’s digital fly-by-wire system.


DCS World’s External Flight Model (EFM) allows third party developers to program flight modeling for DCS World. While a lot of the internal under the hood details are unclear, EFM is the current high water mark for third party modules. It is confidence inspiring for Deka Ironworks, a relatively new third party developer, o talk about how their EFM programming is going.

Deka Ironworks does one better by showing us along with subtitles on how the JF-17s Flight Control System (FCS) interacts with DCS World’s EFM and how the various assists on the jet’s fly-by-wire help keep the aircraft stable in different regimes of flight.

The DCS: JF-17 is expected to arrive in early access sometime this summer.


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  1. Blue 5 says:

    Interesting, thanks for posting on this update. Busy times in DCS

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