DCS Syria map sneaks its way into Hornet screenshot

Although I’ve already reported on the DCS: Syria map, we now have our first “official” screenshots of it from Eagle Dynamics thanks to a sneaky reveal by Matt Wagner while showing off some new skins for the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet.

Three new skins join Hornet line-up

The DCS: F/A-18C Hornet already has more skins than most other DCS modules out of the box but Eagle Dynamics is adding three more.

NSAWC Blue Splinter, VFA-97 Warhawks and VFA-192 Golden Dragons provide the basis for the next three skins for the Hornet.

I think its great that the Hornet is getting some more skin options and frankly, I’d like to see Heatblur, RAZBAM, Deka Ironworks, and others follow this tradition as much as possible by including more skins and more variations for their modules – if not at launch then later on as the module matures.

Syria map spotted, none of it actually Syria

According to Jarlerus, a user on the Eagle Dynamics forums, Incirlik Air Base – Turkey, Ramat David Air Base – Israel, and Beirut-Rafic Hariri Intl. Airport – Lebanon provide the backdrop for each of the images posted by Matt Wagner and interestingly none of the locales are actually set in Syria itself – even if that country dominates a large portion of the map.

It does back-up information we already knew that the developers of the map, Ugra Media, intend for the map to cover a wide area and provide plenty of flexibility in scenario creation.

These images also spotlight how the DCS: Syria map is far from being another featureless desert with plenty of built-up urban areas, farming land, and other features visible in the images that you just don’t see anywhere else.

That definitely helps add character and I’m excited to see the finished product!


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  1. Blue 5 says:

    I thought that looked more like the Lebanese mountains in the backdrop.

    I have to say, this plus the HARM is really kick-arse as much as I am a little DCS skeptical.

    This blog really is a goldmine for the sim enthusiast!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. VK-94 says:

    I am quite surprised about your statement regarding Heatblur.

    Their module comes with the officials schemes known to the Viggen while deployed and the Tomcat will be delivered with a large amount of US Navy schemes ; Heatblur also mentioned that they will offer the Iranian Air Force schemes used by their F-14A. It’s pretty difficult to ask them for more.

    On the other hand, I wish as well that Razbam would offer more skins to their plane set. I suppose they have too much projects at the moment to spare some time and create those.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Viggen comes with three schemes total if I’m not mistaken. There’s got to be some more unique options to include for that module.

      RAZBAM did pretty good with the AV-8B.

      Hopefully we’ll see lots of historical schemes for the F-14.


  3. Blue 5 says:

    Wish we had some of the beautiful Vietnam-era Navy skins for the Hornet, ahistorical though they would be.

    Liked by 1 person

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