DCS round-up: F-14, F/A-18, MiG-19, wake turbulence, more

Lots of news coming from different sources for DCS World and I’ve been so busy the last few days that I haven’t been able to write about them so here we go with another news round-up!

Heatblur update: The F-14 and the A-6

The first is news that the F-14 might be coming this month. I’d like to say that I have a very healthy dose of skepticism with this but the source on this is from Eagle Dynamic’s Facebook page.

Responding to a question about the F-14 release date we got this response:

Later this month.

Eagle Dynamics Facebook Page comments

Will the F-14 actually arrive in early access later this month? Maybe. We still haven’t seen the RIO cockpit. It’s possible that it’s come a long way and they are ready for launch having passed Eagle Dynamics checklist – or this information isn’t as solid as it sounds.

Heatblur also released a teaser image this week showing off the extreme detailing they are putting into their A-6 Intruder model. This aircraft is an AI type that is intended to come out with the DCS: F-14 (though don’t expect it at early launch) and Heatblur is building it at a level that could be transitioned into a separate flyable module of its own.

Beautiful detailing on the folding wing mechanism of the A-6 Intruder (AI model for now).

Finally, MagzTV has a new F-14 video showing off the “Bombcat” in action with a fun mission that involves a multi-aircraft strike on an enemy airbase. This is a good showcase of what the F-14 can do even when bombed up and loaded for air-to-ground.

New MiG-19 info and training video

An updated statement on the DCS: MiG-19 reveals a few of the details behind what Eagle Dynamics sees as vital before the MiG-19 releases.

The MiG-19P was originally planned for a release in January, but after an extensive review of the MiG-19, we and RAZBAM have decided to postpone its release until a few items are resolved. These include some needed improvements to the flight model and documentation. It’s RAZBAM’s desire to release the MiG-19P in a finished state so it will need just a little more time in the oven to meet this expectation.

DCS World Weekend News

Though the MiG-19 is slightly delayed, Baltic Dragon is releasing new videos showing off the MiG-19s navigation system. The ARK-5 radio navigation system lets you home in on beacons for relatively accurate navigation – it’s not the GPS/INS combo from modern jets but it’s an interesting system nonetheless.

Check out the latest video:

New F/A-18 features in development

Eagle Dynamics is lining up new feature additions for the F/A-18 including additional modes for the AGM-88 HARM missile (Target of Opportunity and Pre-Briefed modes), JDAM and JSOW, as well as the datalink functionality.

Datalink is very interesting as it apparently requires a lot of code writing:

A huge amount of work is ongoing with the data link (D/L). This is probably the most complex system for the Hornet given the network sharing and new code that needs to be created. We are making good progress, and it will be a “game changer”. This will also address a new system of IFF in which locking an aircraft is no longer required to IFF interrogate it. The Hornet can operate on a D/L network and receive and correlate data from other Link-16 equipped aircraft (F/F) and surveillance aircraft like E-2 and E-3 AWACS (SURV).

DCS World Weekend News update

In addition to giving the Hornet an nearly unprecedented level of situational awareness, the Hornet will also have a much more impressive IFF system that doesn’t require radar locks to sort out the target’s IFF.

Datalink in action.

Currently, IFF is one of the trickiest parts of being a Hornet pilot and one of the least reliable systems on the jet. This new update will definitely be a game-changer.

Of course, Link 16 between Hornet’s and E-2 and E-3 AWACS is just the start as another Link 16 capable jet is being worked on by Eagle Dynamics – the F-16. Most versions of the F-15E Strike Eagle have Link 16 as well so this programming isn’t just for the Hornet but setting the stage for other Link 16 equipped aircraft in the future.

Work will also be going into the Litening II targeting pod and into additional radar modes.

More information from the DCS World Weekend News.

The Enemy Within 3.0

Baltic Dragon’s well known ‘The Enemy Within’ is now in its third iteration with a revamped and revised campaign. Featuring rebuilt missions (20 out of 21), 2,150 voice overs, and things like updated custom kneeboards with detailed briefing notes.

It’s available for $7.99 on the DCS e-Shop.

New wingtip vortices and wake turbulence

A new flight dynamics feature has been added to DCS World in the form of wingtip vortices and wake turbulence. These turbulent sections of air trail behind aircraft and can have an adverse affect on aircraft flying immediately behind them.

That’s the news

I think I’ve captured most of the major news swirling out there for DCS World. Did I miss something? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Mischiew Rithe says:

    Jet wash and wake turbulences are two elements that are implemented in the Tomcat though I don’t know if the jet wash is only perceived when coming from other F-14s or from any airplane depending on its engines. I was really hoping to get a piece of that as generic feature in DCS, and there it is!

    The vortices are a great feature, I’m glad they’re adding more realism. A flight is rarely as calm and smooth as in DCS, there are gusts, thermal turbulences, winds that change with the relief or the presence of water, time, and so on. That’s something I really miss in DCS (together with realistic clouds), but that piece of news shows we shouldn’t despair.

    There is a fresh post with another unexpected Tomcat tool, the trap sheet! Have a look here: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=231374
    Yet another little feature that adds quite some fun and will certainly help too. Heatblur has been developing this module for years and they took the time to think about those extra items that are normally not part of the contract, but which make the whole experience richer.

    Liked by 2 people

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