IL-2 patch 3.010 is out!

Fire up your auto-updater because IL-2 patch 3.010 is out and 1CGS have packed some new features and some tweaks into this one that I think you’re going to want to read about.

Patch highlights

There are several key updates in 3.010 that add to the continued work that 1CGS is doing to improve the game and move content forward for IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte.

I had predicted that 3.010 might come with a pack of content but it appears that some of my readers were right (you know who you are) and 3.010 is a more incremental update. Still, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t some interesting updates here:

  • New exterior 4K textures for P-47D-28 (including all skins)
  • U-2VS Collector Plane is now available in Stalingrad and Kuban careers (night bombing missions)
  • U-2VS Collector Plane can be equipped with ROS-82, RBS-82 and ROS-132 unguided rockets
  • A long list of damage model updates for tanks and aircraft
  • Updates to multiplayer servers that should help under heavy load situations (i.e. the dreaded greyed out start button)
  • GUI updates including resolution scaling (for 4K monitors and VR), GUI optimizations with 20% performance increase, updated target symbols
  • Aircraft cruise speeds were corrected in the Career mode so wingmen won’t lag behind the flight leaders

A full list of updates is available from the patch notes.

4K details close-in

One of the big updates in this patch is the addition of 4K textures for the P-47D-28 Thunderbolt. Martin =ICDP= Catney, a dedicated artist in the community has worked to turn the P-47 into a 4K texture supported aircraft with some gorgeous details.

This isn’t our first aircraft to get the 4K texture treatment but it is one of the most beautiful looking so far. I look forward to seeing more of ICDP’s work on aircraft in the series in the future (and many can be downloaded separately from the forums).

Damage model updates

Han reports in this update that the latest round of damage model improvements should complete the current batch of plans for damage model updates. My limited amount of testing tonight suggests a few tweaks in how aircraft absorb damage with a few more wings being lost than before but nothing like prior to the previous updates.

I still have yet to test some aircraft but I did find that the big cannons are back to being a little more deadly. Certainly I was able to make short work of some He111s with a P-39s cannon, the Spitfire Vb chewed up a FW190, and a Bf109’s single MG151/20 easily de-winged a Yak-1Bs wing on the second hit. The Pe-2 still feels a little overly strong but that’s nothing new.

U-2VS gets rockets (and Career mode)

The recently released U-2VS Collector Plane gets a new modification in this patch: rockets! ROS-82, RBS-82 and ROS-132 rockets are now available and the U-2VS can carry a total of eight of these rockets which gives it some pretty decent punch against lightly armored ground targets.

The U-2VS also gets Career mode missions in the form of several night time style missions – a first for the mode. I haven’t tried them out yet but its on my to-do list. Look for a future full review on the U-2VS.

What’s next?

Patch 3.011 inevitably will be next. Depending on the available information that we have, this patch may or may not come with additional aircraft content. Nonetheless, we’re expecting to see a couple of new Flying Circus aircraft, new tanks and the FW190D-9 and Me262 for Bodenplatte before the winter is out.

Once we have all of that, the developers will be setting their sights on the P-51D Mustang which is the next aircraft in the line-up and expected to arrive in June. The wait will be difficult!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Voidhunger says:

    I cant wait for the Dora and the Schwalbe, I just hope that the Mustang (or AI) will be better than the jug.
    Its not fun to shred ace AI P47 to pieces everytime.


  2. boxcarleader says:

    all good news except we need allied aircraft ASAP


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