RAZBAM’s January update

Covering both January and December, the new RAZBAM January update video is out with some news on the Super Tucano project, the South Atlantic map project, the MiG-19, plus recent updates to the AV-8B and M-2000C.

The latest video

Coming out just a couple of days ago, this new video covers a lot of different territory from the third party dev team for DCS World. These monthly updates are a nice way to see what the team has been up to recently but also a good look at what’s coming.

The MiG-19 is one of the first on the list for topics and after the announced delay there have been a few rumours swirling (though I suspect most are just that). From this update, it seems like the flight model is the thing that is mostly holding the module back. There are likely some tweaks needed there before the team launches. No date is given for the MiG-19 launch but hopefully we’ll find out more about that soon.

Watch to the end of the video for some bonus MiG-19 footage.

The Super Tucano project also gets a mention and the team recently visited an active Super Tucano base to get some hands on experience and details on this aircraft. It doesn’t sound like a lot of work has been done on this module recently but that it is still planned.

The South Atlantic project also appears to be moving along as well with a few new images of Stanley Airport in the Falkland islands emerging in the video and on Facebook.

The other content in the video is focused on the M-2000C and AV-8B which are both getting some serious attention from RAZBAM. The M-2000C updates, which they are calling a “mid life overhaul” similar to how combat jets tend to receive the same, are apparently slated to come first and will involve some pretty extensive updates as previously listed on their forums.

  • Poste de Commande Armement (PCA): Weapons Control Panel
  • Poste de Preparation Armement (PPA): Weapons Configuration Panel
  • RDI Radar: functionality and control panel.
  • Poste de Commande Navigation (PCN): Navigation Panel
  • RWR.
  • VTH (HUD)
  • VTB (Radar Display)
  • NVG
  • Flight Manual

The AV-8B has also been criticized by many in the community for its lack of completeness and that is getting some serious attention too including a major revision to the cockpit textures that should bring it in line with their efforts from the MiG-19 – but also hopefully close to other recent or soon to launch DCS World modules.

A list of updates to AV-8B and M-2000C

The video spends a fair bit of time talking about recent updates to both the M-2000C and the AV-8B. Here are some of the updates mentioned both here in the video and on the forums starting with the M-2000C:

  • Added new Pilot (Ejection).
  • Added new Pilot in Seat (Ejection).
  • Added new Pilot in Cockpit.
  • Added new Pilot Uniform variations for Liveries.
  • Updated Liveries Description.Lua.
  • Updated all aircraft models.
  • Updated Cockpit to have Shadow Casting.
  • Removed older Livery variations from Liveries Folder to main texture folder.
  • Removed VR Pilot temporally to start integration of new more Accurate 3D Scanned VR Pilot.
  • Changed pilot model and textures.
  • Changed texture names from .bmp.dds and .tga.dds to .dds.
  • Fix Light Texture bugs.
  • Fixed English cockpit modelling issue
  • Fixed reversed Head movement of exterior pilot
  • New animation process for Instrument controls
  • New animation process Switches and Knobs
  • Fixed the pilot’s animation of arm in full forward movement
  • Fixed visor showing when ejected.
  • Fixed Sun glare showing on cockpit instruments
  • Fixed minor problem with Roughmet texture on the Vertical RWR.
  • M07: removed the Hercules causing problems with taxiing
  • M10: corrected AI behaviour and fixed bug where bandits would crash one into another.
  • M12: changed the starting time to 9am
  • Updated M2000C Afterburner effect
  • Easy Radio fixed, allowing use of Radio panel and SR Radio
  • Clickabledata.lua fix: springloaded switches + animation speed
  • KC-135 BDA replaced by KC-135 MPRS
  • Sun glare through canopy fixed

There’s also a pretty long list of updates to the AV-8B in recent history:

  • Sidearm lock now breaks immediately after a target is destroyed.
  • Sidearm selected/Still fires a gun pod fixed.
  • Step logic and button is fixed.
  • Erroneous MAV information on MCPD.
  • MAVs reticles do not change color when changing polarity.
  • INRNG seems to be visible for MAV at this point.
  • Pushing step and then changing weapons carried over to next weapon.
  • Having an ITER pylon does not block step logic for other weapons.
  • Changed texture names from .bmp.dds and .tga.dds to .dds.
  • Updated Cockpit to have Shadow Casting.
  • Fixed Button 5 on UFC, wrong argument.
  • Fix Light Texture bugs.
  • New animation process for Instrument controls
  • New animation process Switches and Knobs
  • New Pilot added
  • New Pilot Patches added
  • Changed Luas in Livery folder for new Pilot
  • Added new helmet HGU-68/P to AV8B pilot with normal and Roughmet.
  • Released M02 and M17 for harrier (trainings)
  • Easy Radio fixed, allowing use of Radio panel and SR Radio
  • Clickabledata.lua fix: springloaded switches + animation speed.
  • ASL updated
  • Fixed Lighting bug with LOD02 and LOD03
  • Added Helmet art to AV8B Pilot

Of course, more is still to come on both of these but it’s good to see progress on both already released modules.

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