Heatblur releases F-14 manual

Another sign that the DCS: F-14 release to early access is growing more imminent every day is the early release of the DCS: F-14 manual. Available as a website that doubles as a kind of living document (which will receive updates as time goes on), the manual lets you get a head start on your F-14 training.

Info on start-up, weapons, Jester, more

Everything is examined in detail

Every functional switch, dial, and knob is covered in extensive detail in the first release of the DCS: F-14 manual.

The start-up procedures for both pilot and RIO as well as weapons employment are all there too. So is a brief history of the jet which adds a nice touch to the overall completeness.

Jester and Iceman

Graphics showing off the “commo-rose” style of communications for Jester.

Both JESTER (RIO) and ICEMAN (basic pilot) AI are covered in the manual too. They cover how they interact with the various procedures and how you can interact and give them the guidance they need to work with you effectively as a team.

So, get to studying now because you’ll no doubt be checking this manual out when the module releases.

Check out Heatblur’s DCS: F-14A/B manual right here.


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  1. 1_Robert_ says:

    Well how cool is that. So far every indication says this is going to be a first class module.

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