RAZBAM adding more MiG-19 liveries

While we wait for a few details to be worked out by RAZBAM’s programming team, their art team is busy delivering the goods for the forthcoming DCS: MiG-19 module with a bunch of historical and fictional (but historically derived) skins for their new jet to be released sometime soon for DCS World. Let’s have a look!

More skins!

To date we’ve seen a beautiful and classic bare metal finish MiG-19 with several different country schemes. To be fair, this was the typical scheme of the MiG-19 in service with many of these countries. But to really make things interested we needed something else… and RAZBAM has delivered.

The red scheme is from the Soviet Aerobatic Team which used a variety of frontline aircraft to perform at various parades and events. The other schemes include a fictional East German scheme and a black and white stripe pattern with no apparent markings.

These look great to me and they help add value to the overall product.

A new release date has not been given.

More of these please

Some DCS World aircraft have a fantastic array of accurate skins or skins that are fictional but strongly influenced by real world schemes but there are other jets that have a very small number of available schemes. I’d love to see more modules pick-up more liveries both period accurate and a few on the more fictional side.

Could the AJS-37 use a desert scheme? It’s not historical but I think I’d like to see one for fliers on the Persian Gulf. The AV-8B has plenty of skins but I wouldn’t mind an RAF scheme – even if the GR.5/7/9 differ from the USMC’s AV-8B. The same goes for the M-2000C which has a few schemes and had gained a few but I’d love to see more.

Yes, you can absolutely download custom skins as well but more out of the box helps bring variety right out of the gate. It also ensures that other players in multiplayer see your skin – vital in some scenarios where camoflage may decide a key moment in a dogfight.

What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. boxcarleader says:

    i would say that skins especialy in DCS and IL2 are emensly important … because both have real effect on visability both at close range and overal depending on map.. i want to see more historical and fictitious .. .but the ones i want to see most are the baseline ones… the simple clean cammo jobs without an exact markings … except an aircraft number… you know like stock before they were assigned to a pilot or squadron… and more agressor paints just to throw something interesting into the mix … this goes for all aircraft

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  2. schurem says:

    At least DCS offer user files on their site and allow sorting and searching. That is almost as good as Il2skins.com (remember that one guys?)
    Il2 could do with something like that as well, getting skins for that involves forum trawling and google drive links that are highly ephemeral.


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