IL-2 March Madness Sale is on!

A new IL-2 sale is on and that means that there are some great discounts on IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad, Moscow and Kuban starting today. The sale goes all month and ends on the 31st.

Taking a bite out of the full price

IL-2: Battle of Stalingrad and Moscow get their now typical 66% off discount price while IL-2: Battle of Kuban is on for just 33%. I’ve seen a lot of pilots jump into the series recently or start asking about joining in and this sale is the perfect time to do so.

Here’s the official word from Jason Williams, IL-2’s Lead Producer:

Dear Pilots,
We want to inform you that we have placed Battle of Stalingrad, Battle of Moscow and Battle of Kuban on special at our website and on Steam! We understand our favorite hobby can get a bit expensive at times, so we are offering these awesome products at a significant discount to help you fill up your hangar as Spring approaches. They can also be purchased as gifts to help get a friend or loved one into the sky and flying as your wingman! The Sales run March 5th – 31st in the Official IL-2 Store and March 6th-20th on Steam.
33% OFF Battle of Kuban (Steamwebsite)
66% OFF Battle of Stalingrad (Steamwebsite) and Battle of Moscow (Steam, website).
Please note that having at least the base game (Stalingrad) on Steam means you can launch it from the Steam client without entering a login and password and you can access your IL-2 content purchased elsewhere if you link the accounts.
The IL-2 Sturmovik Team

Jason Williams on the IL-2 forums

So, there you have it. A fresh IL-2 sale to help end the winter and bring in spring! Check out the official IL-2 store on the 1CGS website to take advantage of the sale.

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  1. boxcarleader says:

    This reminds me im considering getting the Viggen next time its on sale anyone have opinions on it?

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Sorry for a slow reply on this. I’ve been ridiculously busy these last few weeks.

      The Viggen is a very high quality module. Great cockpit, great sound work, really good FM and systems modeling. It operates completely differently than other types I’ve used. I’m still getting to grips with it. It’s a very purpose built aircraft with a kind of one strike and done philosophy. High speed flat out on the deck, follow the waypoints, release the weapon, and run like hell is how this aircraft works.


  2. Scott says:

    Its pretty unqiue for DCS, with its creative Swedish flair for doing things differently. It’s setup to be primarily a pre-planned striker, a “one and done” pass, at very low level. Also a specialist in ship strikes. It can do jack-of-all trades multi-role, but that isn’t it’s strength. Most of the bugs have been sorted (can’t think of any showstoppers), Its a pretty cool, unique aircraft and if it interests you, why not?

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  3. Alex says:

    Do you know when the next sale will be?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      There’s never any advance notice but I will certainly report on the next one.

      Likely either an Easter timed sale or a May Victory Day sale is possible. These have been typical sale dates in the past.


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