Eagle Dynamics new ‘loyalty program’

For years, Eagle Dynamics has offered a ‘Bonus points’ system where each purchase of a module would net you a small number of dollars that you could apply to future purchases. The system was not without some confusing exceptions and it seems that Eagle Dynamics has decided to replace the system altogether.

ED Miles replaces Bonus points

The new system is called “ED Miles” and its patterned on a travel miles rewards program. The old system had some confusing restrictions. There were limits on when you could use the added dollars (i.e. not on sale items) and you could only use a portion of them at any one time. The new system doesn’t have these restrictions.

ED Miles are similar in many ways to airline miles and can be earned/awarded and used as follows:

– Regardless if a product has just been released, is already on sale or in pre-purchase, you will always earn ED Miles on the price you paid for the purchase. For each purchase, you will earn 10% of the Purchase Price in ED Miles. As an example: if you purchase something for USD 29.99 you will be awarded 2990 ED Miles worth USD 2.99 on the DCS World e-Shop.

– You can use ED Miles to purchase any product participating in the program, regardless if they are just released, already on sale, or as a pre-purchase!
– There is no limit on the number of ED Miles you can use for a purchase. If you have enough ED Miles, you can even pay for an entire product just using ED Miles.
– ED Miles earned are valid for three calendar years from the time of your last DCS World e-Shop purchase.
– Existing Bonus points will expire in 2019 on a date to be confirmed.

DCS World Weekend News

Unfortunately if you have a lot of bonus points stored up at this point you’ll need to make use them before they expire sometime later in 2019. Eagle Dynamics has not indicated a date but I would expect that they will give us plenty of added lead time before they run out. At least…I would hope.

Soon we’ll know when the bonus points will expire and which third parties will be taking part in the bonus/loyalty program.

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  1. 79vRAF says:

    They could at least convert them. There nothing for me to spend me $30 or more on!

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    1. Francesco Kasta says:



      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        Agreed. It’d be much appreciated if they could convert one to the other.


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