P-51D, Tempest V, Fokker D.VIIF focus of next IL-2 dev update

Ever since IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte was announced there were two aircraft that I really wanted to see make a return appearance in the now third generation of the series. These two, the Mustang and the Tempest, are finally being shown off for the first time in the latest developer diary. The Fokker D.VIIF was the superb fighter aircraft that I didn’t know about before but am now well aware of and its coming to Flying Circus Vol 1 soon. Let’s have a look!

Plenty of gloss!

This week’s update focuses mostly on visuals and that’s not a bad thing. We’ve been excited to see all three of these aircraft for ages now and here we are getting our first look.

I know everyone is excited about the P-51D Mustang so let’s have a look at that.

My jaw dropped at seeing how beautiful the Mustang is here. This D-15 version of the P-51D sounds like it will come with a great selection of ground attack options in addition to being the long range escort fighter that has become synonymous with American air power in WWII. This ‘Cadillac of the skies’ will apparently be able to carry both bombs and rockets according to the developer update – rockets were omitted from its appearance in IL-2: 1946.

1CGS also appears to be paying special attention to making sure that they get this specific mark of the Mustang done to exacting detail. Most flying examples these days are often a mix of sub-versions necessary to get them back in the air.

I couldn’t resist not including a YouTube link to that famous scene from Empire of the Sun featuring that magical combination of Steven Spielberg’s directing, John William’s brilliant score, and… the P-51 Mustang.

Tempest in a developer update

Although for many, its the P-51D Mustang that is “their” aircraft, for me its the Hawker Tempest and its predecessor, the Typhoon that captured my imagination and is my all time favourite and today for the first time we see the brilliant work that 1CGS is doing on the 3D model for this aircraft.

Jason Williams, IL-2’s Lead Producer, had to travel to London and was able to gain access to a Tempest Mark V in a museum and he’s confident that they will have one of the most accurate recreations of a Tempest V in a sim anywhere. In Part 2 of my interview series with Jason (and Daniel), he said this:

This damn Tempest saw me flying all over the place trying to get reference material. Was exhausting. I hope it turns out great. If we are successful it will be the most accurate and detailed simulation of a Tempest in any sim product ever. Fingers crossed Phil (the modeler) and the engineering team has enough data to make it fly great. I gave them a mountain of hard to find info to sort through.

Jason Williams in Part 2: An interview with Jason Williams and Daniel Tuseev

I have no doubt 1CGS can pull off a great recreation of the Tempest Mark V and for me that will be a wonderful day. Check out these developer images… the model work is bang on!

Confirmed is the series of the Tempest and its the Series II, the later and final revision made to the Tempest Mark V featuring flush mounted Hispano Mark V 20mm cannons (lighter weight than the earlier Mark II with a higher fire rate and slightly lower muzzle velocity) and small refinements across the aircraft.

Unknown still is the exact boost allowed on the engine (+9lb or +11lb were typical) and I’m also uncertain if we’ll be seeing the frameless gunsight, being projected directly onto the windscreen, typical on these later series or if we’ll see a slightly earlier iteration.

Nonetheless, I’m beyond excited for this!

Fokker D.VIIF brings more engine power

While the Fokker D.VII, which I wrote about in a first impressions review last week, was an excellent fighter, what really transformed it into one of the best of WWI was the move to a upgraded BMW engine. The extra horsepower gave the Fokker D.VII one of the best top speeds of any WWI fighter at 2000 meters and the extra oomph to climb and recover energy more quickly than many of its opponents.

Soon, it will be joining the ranks of fighters in Flying Circus Vol 1.

Progress on multiple fronts

1CGS is working on multiple aircraft and multiple titles for their IL-2: Great Battles Series all at once. While the art team is working diligently on their 3D models and textures, the programming and engineering teams are finishing work on aircraft like the Me262, FW190D-9 and P-51D. Work continues on the the tanks of Tank Crew as well.

While it may feel like it’s taking a little while to do… I think we’re going to see a figurative explosion of incredible content this spring and summer as 1CGS closes the gap on a number of their projects from the Arras, Prokhorovka, and Western Europe maps to the many aircraft still waiting in the wings. Can’t wait!

In the meantime, check out the latest developer diary!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Rico says:

    Great Info as always! I am (besides the dora) most interested in the allied Fighters. I love the hard work and can´t wait to sit in a Tuskegee P-51 and shoot down 262s “with the little trick i learned” 😀
    It really feels the Dev´s time to produce these wonderful aircraft is faster than ever before.

    Jason also announced in the discussion that the Fokker D.VIIF will come as a stand-alone aircraft. So it will be interesting if the other planes with modifications (Halberstadt and Bristol) will be seperated as well.
    Only time will tell. Thanks for your Stormbirds blog and your work Shamrock!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Blue 5 says:

    The Tempest mode is beautiful, but if they give us just a 9lb early Sabre then I am deleting the game. That would be not only a virtually non-existant model (as the a/c shown is a Series II) but given the stops pulled our for the Luftwaffe unicorns then the team has lost its way.


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