DCS: AV-8B TPOD point track fix coming, bugs crushed

The AV-8B for DCS World by RAZBAM has had its share of issues and one of those maddening issues is with the TPOD not working correctly on a cold-start. RAZBAM is now showing off a video of that issue being fixed.

Cold start point track

If you fly in any sort of realistic manner with the AV-8B, you’ll do a cold start and doing so has caused some issues with the aircraft’s target pod. The pod wouldn’t track moving targets in some instances. Apparently the issue has been sorted out now as demonstrated via this video from RAZBAM.

Several fixes like this one may make it in the beta update this week and RAZBAM is reporting that their bug tracking is using a new process and should be inputting the latest updates into the beta’s on a more regular basis going forward. Fingers crossed.

The AV-8B is one of my favourite DCS World modules and second on the list in terms of time I’ve spent flying it. I’m always pleased to see it getting the attention it deserves.

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  1. 79vRAF says:

    It didn’t seem to work that well in the clip! I’m hoping that it means the MFD button works now. It is something that has been lacking from the Harrier. The INS alignment on the ground could do with sorting out too. I don’t know what the other bugs are meant to be, but I’m largely very happy with the Harrier. I’d still go so far as to say it is my favourite module.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Glad to hear that! As much flak as the AV-8B has taken its one of the modules that I’ve had the most fun with in DCS.

      I could have sworn I used the MFD button the last time I used the TPOD. Was it broken?


      1. 79vRAF says:

        It’s the cold start thing. I’ve never had the ability to use point track mode. Can’t track moving targets.

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      2. ShamrockOneFive says:

        Got it! Yeah that was thoroughly broken.


      3. 79vRAF says:

        Just didn’t see him put the mouse anywhere near the MFD button in the video. Hopefully he had Thrustmaster MFDs or a button press assigned!

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