DCS: MiG-19 gets a big status update

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the DCS: MiG-19 and my first impressions of third party DCS World developer RAZBAM’s newest module. The jet presented me with some mixed feelings but RAZBAM looks to be hard at work addressing any shortcomings including in areas such as its stall and spin behavior as well as issues like cockpit lighting. Let’s dig into the details and see what the team is working on.

Stalls and spins

The biggest issue with the DCS: MiG-19 is with its flight model. It had some major shortcomings and the biggest among them was its stall and spin behavior. Both of them are being addressed and RAZBAM is looking to push these updates out in a future DCS World update.

Here’s what RAZBAM developer OverStratos posted on the forum earlier today as part of a bigger update:

Now the aircraft starts to vibrate as the speed decreases below 280km/h and will maintain the glide if the stick is not overpulled. In case that the stick is retained all the way back, the aircraft will roll over one wing and drop the nose

OverStratos on the DCS World Forums

This is a good update to the stall behavior. Some aspects of the stall, particularly around speeds, were also accurate according to the aircraft’s flight manual.

To demonstrate their progress RAZBAM has also released a series of videos:

Spins are also a major issue and that is also being worked on:

If during the stall, the stick is maintained all the way back, is suddenly pulled back, during the stall, turns or a loop, the aircraft will enter a spin or inverted spin. Any rudder movement during stalls its excessive use during turn will cause the aircraft to spin in the direction the rudder was used. The spin can be exited using especial measures that will be included in the flight manual.

OverStratos on the DCS World Forums

The following two videos demonstrate the regular spin and inverted spin behavior.

The update also has a series of charts showing reference details versus the DCS World values. Some are close and a few look like tweaks are needed. Not everything is wrong with the DCS: MiG-19 either. Many of the features such as rotation speed during takeoff, maximum airspeed, and aircraft ceiling are within a few percentage points of the reference values. That’s pretty good considering the level of detail and complexity in DCS World’s flight model system.

One that stands out is the sustained turn rate which is 16% higher than the reference value. This was mentioned previously and will no doubt be brought closer to the reference.

Cockpit updates

Another area of critique for the DCS: MiG-19 was some of the cockpit gauges. Thanks to some efforts from the community and RAZBAM’s openness to work on these features, it looks like the forthcoming update will bring a more realistic interpretation.

Here are some of the changes listed:

  • ARUFOs-45 UV lamps models have been added.
  • UV light intensity can be controlled by means of the RUFO-45 knobs, this being reflected in the cockpit.
  • Phosphor based text changed from yellow to the correct green color.
  • White light is independent of the UV lighting and can only be turned ON or OFF, no intensity control.
  • Cockpit instruments that had its own yellow backlight added, like the AGI-1; AR18-19 radar control panel gauge, ARK-5P frequency range between others.

Great progress here too with the above cockpit image.

Needed updates

The DCS: MiG-19 needed some extra attention and so it was very good to see RAZBAM keep at it. It definitely when the aircraft, meant to be in release condition, came out with some serious deficiencies but I’d call that water under the bridge now. We’re here and there is some great looking forward momentum on this aircraft.

Looking forward to trying out these updates in an upcoming patch.

Until then, check out the full update right here.


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