Eagle Dynamics shows off DCS: FW190A-8 first flights

Fans of DCS: WWII content will rejoice at news that the FW190A-8 is making progress and Eagle Dynamics is taking it out for its first flights. The powerful radial engined FW190 is expected to arrive sometime later this year offering a time period appropriate challenger to the Spitfire IX.

First flights

It’s an important milestone for any real life aircraft and for a flight sim product when the developers can take it up for its “first flight” and that is apparently where Eagle Dynamics is at with the FW190A-8. This is great news as it means that Eagle Dynamics has made steady progress on this module.

Emphasized in this week’s DCS World Weekend News update is the fact that the FW190A-8 will have a complex simulation of the aircraft’s cooling system and that it will be tied into the models enhanced damage model – something eventually coming to all DCS: WWII aircraft.

Starting from the A8 oil cooler, the system will hold true with our current engineering approach and use the same math for radiators which has become much more efficient in compiling (saving time and minimizing mistake probability) as well as adding new opportunities for integration with the new Damage Model. Because of this it will handle punctures and over-heating correctly and is a much more robust system regarding any weird combination of input parameters. Eventually, this new system will replace the old one in all WWII aircraft.

DCS World Weekend News

The new damage model has been talked about on-and-off for many months now and it’s something that I think will be essential for DCS World’s success in the WWII arena. I also hope that it eventually spills over into more modern modules.

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