Octopus G teases DCS: I-16 video

You may have forgotten about the DCS: I-16 and third party developer Octopus G who has been working away on the diminutive Soviet fighter for DCS World. Today a few new images appeared on their Facebook page with a tease that a video will soon be coming .

The Rata comes to DCS

These two new images show off the latest work from developer Octopus G on their I-16 for DCS World. The images appeared on the Octopus G Facebook page. It’s not much but it shows their latest work and what appears to be a fully complete and implemented aircraft into DCS World – at least from the external.

We’ve previously seen images of the cockpit and the aircraft firing its ShKAS machine guns.

OctopusG it is team of developers who have been responsible for several modules for Prepare 3D and MSFSX. The I-16 would be their first foray into DCS World. It’s been a long time coming too with a very slow trickle of new images and information appearing on their Facebook page over the last few years. A video in development may suggest that the module is nearing completion or at least early access.

Though the I-16 has limited utility in DCS World right now with none of its historical rivals, it would add to the tapestry of aircraft available and based on how it flies in IL-2: Battle of Moscow – this would be an outstanding aircraft for aerobatics groups.

Stay tuned for more on this!

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  1. Michael Dwyer says:

    I love the Rata in IL-2, I will probably buy it in DCS just to see how nice it looks and to actually crank that landing gear up.

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    1. 1_Robert_ says:

      Definitely a mean little bird, not to be underestimated for its firepower and maneuverability.


  2. LD88 says:

    Though the I-16 is an interesting plane, it seemed like misplaced effort. If they were going to do a soviet plane, why not something like a Yak-3 or LA-7 or similar to fly against the existing warbirds? Alternatively a Japanese plane would have been great as well… Just seems odd investing the effort into just an “airshow” bird


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      From what limited of read about this I-16 project, it seems that the developer (or developers – I’m not sure how big this team is) have a personal connection to this aircraft. It may be a labour of love project.


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