KOTA to host second multiplayer event

Last weekend I was able to participate in a multiplayer event on the Knights of the Air server featuring about a half dozen squadrons all participating in a coordinated effort along with non-squadron players. This weekend KOTA is going to have their second multiplayer event and if a team based multiplayer scenario sounds like something you might want to check out – you’re invited!

Bringing squadrons together… to do battle!

Last weekend was the first organized, multi-squadron event and it seems like everyone enjoyed it so much that the administrators of the Knights of the Air server are hoping to bring it back for a second round.

Here’s the official statement:

Hello Everybody, I hope You are all having a nice day. We are planning to make another coordinated event, and would like to invite squadrons for both sides. The event will take place on KubanSummer1944 mission. This scenario’s planeset is:

Axis side: Bf 109 G-4, G-6, G-14, two K-4(per fighter airfield) Fw 190 A-5, A-8, two D-9s(per fighter airfield), Ju-87, Ju-88 He-111 H6/H16, Bf-110 G-2, Hs-129 B-2

Allied side: P-39, La-5 FN, Yak-1b, Yak-7b Spitfire Mk. IXe, P-47 D-28(on both fighter airfields) Pe-2 Series 87, Il-2m 43

The event will begin on the upcoming Saturday, Berlin time 19:00. We are gathering on our discord: https://discord.gg/KHbVNn5

The squadrons leaders should join to our Teamspeak server too: kotastat.com to keep squadrons organized. Every loners who are willing to participate, and willing to work together with the other squads are warmly welcomed! The common language is English, but if you speak the squadrons language where You joined it is still very good.

BubiHUN, KOTA server administrator

The obvious goal of the event is to bring multiple squadrons together on the KOTA server to fill out the ranks of both teams and work towards the scenario objectives.

The announcement also makes it clear that people who aren’t a part of a squad are still very welcome to participate. That was how I felt last weekend and I ended up teaming up with a few other non-squad players randomly. While the organized effort took on a major objective, we were holding the line defending our team’s objectives and this mix worked extremely well.

For another take on last weekend’s fun, check this video out showing off some memorable moments.

I hope to be able to participate in this event again soon (though my weekend plans are usually uncertain to the last minute). Like I said in the opener, if a team based multiplayer event with IL-2: Great Battles Series sounds like something you might enjoy, hop on KOTA this weekend at 2:00 pm Eastern and enjoy!

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  1. TJR says:

    You’re the best Shamrock.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. TJR says:

    I was wondering if you had a chance to look at the new server that came online; Combat Box?



    Disclaimer: I donated to the project


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Yes! And I’ve actually had a very quick chat with the folks putting that server together. I’m hoping to do a small feature with them soon.


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