Easter Sale: 50% off most DCS World modules!

It’s sale time again with the DCS World Easter Sale bringing 50% off to most of the DCS World module line-up in the store. Here are the details!

Half-off for most of the store

The MiG-21bis is now available at $25.

Everything from the Spitfire IX, M-2000C and MiG-21bis to the AJS-37 and the SA342 Gazelle are available at 50% off the regular sale price. That makes aircraft like the AV-8B available normally for $60 available for just $30 and that’s a pretty good deal for DCS World’s high fidelity aircraft.

There’s a small discount on the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet as well with its regular $79.99 price coming down to $59.99.

Terrain and asset packs are also available at a reduced price. DCS: Normandy is on sale for $22.50 and the DCS: Persian Gulf map, which I wrote about if it was worth buying just yesterday, has a reduced price knocking it down from $49.99 to $37.49.

Modules not on sale include the recently released DCS: MiG-19 and DCS: F-14 Tomcat.

The sale starts today and goes until the 28th of April. Check out the DCS World E-Shop for pricing and watch the latest Glowing Amraam trailer advertising the sale.

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