Baltic Dragon campaign making update, MiG-19, F/A-18, AV-8B

DCS World mission maker Baltic Dragon is best known for his Enemy Within campaign for the A-10C but you may not know that he’s in the process of putting together a lot of missions for several different modules in DCS World including for the MiG-19, AV-8B, and the F/A-18C. Here’s a summary of some of the things currently in the works.

Crime and Punishment for DCS: MiG-19

RAZBAM’s MiG-19 had a bit of a rough start but thanks to some heavy lifting from the dev team it is looking far better than my early impressions. And that means that I think it’s high time for a campaign for it to be released – fortunately, the MiG-19 is getting one and Baltic Dragon is on it.

The new campaign is called Crime and Punishment and it focuses on a fictional separatist group in the 1950s breaking away from the Soviet Union.

Hey folks, MiG-19 campaign is coming nicely together. The working title is “Crime & Punishment”, and I am already finalising mission 7 (out of 10 planned). Below some kneeboard screenshots and one cover photo (things may still change between now and release).

The campaign will be included for free with the MiG-19 module and if it is well received, I already have an idea for the second part.

Baltic Dragon on Facebook

Crime and Punishment might come in two variations. One of them will make use of the WWII asset pack while the other one will not. This was determined by popular poll and here’s the official statement from Baltic Dragon on that:

Thanks guys for voting on the MiG-19 poll. Most of you wanted to use the WW II assets (72%) and 28% would prefer not to have them. This is a clear majority, but I still want to make everyone happy (is that even possible)? So I will release the campaign WITH the assets, give you some time to report any bugs or problems and then add another version that you can download that does not have them so you can play it (although without all those nice smoke puffs around…). How does that sound?

Baltic Dragon on Facebook

This isn’t yet set in stone and the latest comments from Baltic Dragon suggest that he is rethinking the WWII asset use altogether saying that the jets are just too fast for that era of weaponry.

Raven One for DCS: F/A-18C Hornet

Another campaign that Baltic Dragon is working on is for the DCS: F/A-18C Hornet called “Raven One.” It’s based on a book authored by Kevin Miller also named “Raven One.” Mr. Miller is a 24-year veteran of naval aviation and he is joined by two former Hornet pilots, Jell-o and Sunshine from the Fighter Pilot Podcast (FPP).

Here’s the latest on the campaign:

Hey guys, today a small update on Raven One campaign. We finished working together with Kevin Miller Author on the list of 15 missions that will be included in the campaign, so the general outline is there. Also, with the help of Jell-O and The Fighter Pilot Podcast team, we are preparing documentation, kneeboard and briefing templates to align them as much as possible with those used in real life. List of voice actors for the main roles is practically ready (and will be published soon, I think you will like it). The skins for Ravens and Buccaneers, together with pilots with helmet decals and arm patches, are WiP with good progress (thanks Paolo Pomes!). More news to come!

Baltic Dragon on Facebook

Work is also progressing on the custom skins that will come with the campaign:

” A very early version of the Ravens skin for the RAVEN ONE campaign. Obviously a lot of things are still WiP – like the bort number colours, letters on the vertical stabilisers etc. We also plan to have personalised aircraft for most of the squadron members. More info to come… “

This campaign has me very excited and I will be keeping everyone up to date on major developments.

The Enemy Within 3.0 is on Steam

Available now for a while on the DCS e-Store, The Enemy Within 3.0 is now also available on the Steam Store.

Version 3.0 features 21 missions, 20 which have been redone from scratch, and hundreds of new voice overs. The fictional campaign focuses on a small detachment of A-10C’s sent to Georgia to help the government tackle a local terrorist group.

I’ve never played it but everyone raves about how good this campaign is.

Also filling out the AV-8B training missions

Baltic Dragon is also working closely with the RAZBAM team and is filling out the training missions that are desperately needed for that aircraft. In the last several months the AV-8B has gone from having virtually no training missions to one with an extensive list. More are on the way!

Read about all of the great work that Baltic Dragon is doing on his Facebook page.


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