Check out Spudknocker’s MiG-19 mission 3 campaign fly through

Only a few d ago I wrote an update on some news coming from DCS World campaign and mission developer Baltic Dragon including an update on a campaign coming to RAZBAM’s DCS: MiG-19P.

Crime and punishment mission 3

This third mission is a strike mission making use of the MiG-19s limited rocket and ground-attack capability against SA-2 sites near a rebel airbase.

The mission looks to have plenty of layers to it and gives pilots a good opportunity to use the MiG-19 in a role outside of fighter. Frankly, it also looks like a lot of fun!

Crime and Punishment is currently under development by Baltic Dragon as a free addition to the DCS: MiG-19 module. This mission and the others for the campaign are still a work in progress. There is no release date but Baltic Dragon is pushing forward on it and I hope to fly it soon!

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