IL-2 update 3.012c fixes, new 4K textures

A hotfix is out for IL-2: Great Battles Series with patch 3.012c introducing a couple of crash fixes and new 4K textures for the Bf109K-4 and the Spitfire IX.

List of fixes

The patch, launched earlier today, includes a couple of fixes and the aforementioned new 4K textures.

  • The random crash bug has been found and fixed (the game could crash when a plane impacted the ground)
  • A multiplayer server won’t crash if one of the clients has a custom skin with a very long name
  • The calculation of a tank turret armor penetration corrected (the internal explosion of APHE shells)
  • Spitfire IX now has 4K textures and skins made by Martin ‘ICDP’ Catney
  • Bf 109 K-4 4K textures updated by Martin ‘ICDP’ Catney
  • Minor text fixes.

Martin, better known as ICDP, is a prolific skin artist in the IL-2 community and his latest contribution brings the Bf109K-4 and Spitfire IXe up to the new 4K standard. The difference for some will be subtle but for me the added detail level produces some truly beautiful images with crisp and sharp details.

1CGS will no doubt continue to work towards making their entire aircraft line-up is ultimately at this new 4K standard – likely through continued support from the talented skin artists like ICDP. Nice job sir!


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