Hardware upgrades part two: VIRPIL’s WarBRD!

Another package from VIRPIL just arrived in the mail yesterday and this time it’s their new WarBRD grip along with their now well established WarBRD base. I’ve just had about an hour with the new stick and I’m very excited to bring you all a full review after I’ve had a little time to fly with it!

No surprise, it’s well built!

The thing that once again impresses me with VIRPIL’s hardware is how well built they are. I will talk more about this in the review but everything from the base to the grip is exceptionally sturdy. When I picked up the WarBRD grip for the first time the thing that I said outloud was “wow!” The product photos make it look good but I thought it may actually not feel that substantial when I got my hands on it. It feels better than it looks if that helps you at all.

I did spend a couple of hours scratching my head with the software again this time only to realize that the problem was not the software but that I hadn’t quite gotten the contact point between base and grip right and that was the reason for things not working. Certainly not the fault of the product!

A lot of factors

The thing that I love about modern grips such as VIRPIL’s WarBRD is the customizability and this base comes with a couple of different cams and springs that I’m hoping to try out.

My first impressions are exceptionally positive but I definitely need to spend some time with the grip before I write anything more substantial. A full and fair review that helps inform purchasing decisions of flight sim fans like you is my goal. Is this stick for you? I hope to be able to answer that question.

Do you have questions about VIRPIL’s WarBRD base or grip? Please let me know in the comments and I will do my best to let you know either now or in the full review.

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