VIRPIL has a spring sale on!

High-end flight sim hardware manufacturer VIRPIL is having a spring sale with some discounts on some of their equipment. The sale starts now and ends 27th May 2019 or while stocks last. Let’s see what’s on offer! Also, VIRPIL says that shipping may now cost as much as 40% less than before when shipping to USA, Canada and Australia.

WarBRD grip and base

For VIRPIL, the WarBRD line is their slightly more desktop oriented line with the WarBRD base offering a metal stand with rubber feet to be used on a desktop and the WarBRD grip including a Z-axis for people who don’t have rudder pedals.

These two pieces are on sale at 20% off for the grip and 10% off for the base. Additionally, there’s a further 10% discount when the two are ordered together. Not bad at all!

I’m still writing my review on the WarBRD series but I can already tell you that I’ve become very attached to the two in combination. More to come when the review comes out but suffice to say that I’m impressed on the whole.

The sale will end on 27th May 2019 although typically stock tends not to last very long so you may want to jump on this before the 27th if you’re interested.

Reduced shipping costs are nice

Two of the biggest issues that VIRPIL has had is keeping items in stock and shipping to the United States, Canada, and elsewhere outside of Europe. Although my experience was a good one with my MongoosT-50 Throttle Control System, the shipping was pricey.

Now VIRPIL reports that they’ve secured a slightly cheaper option:

Furthermore, we’re pleased to confirm that we have now updated the shipping costs on our webstore on a trial basis – with shipping to countries all over the world, including USA, Canada and Australia being up to 40% cheaper than previously available!*

VIRPIL announcement

Costs are still dependent on the size and weight of the package and this will cost more than sending a letter.

If you’re interested, check out the VIRPIL website for more.

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