VKB Gunfighter ‘Space Combat Edition’ back in stock

Two hardware stories in a row! VKB-Sim North America has the Kosmosima grip and their Gunfighter package available on their online store for the first time in months. The stock probably won’t last so now is probably a rare chance.


VKB’s Kosmosima got a lot of positive attention when it was announced and then again when it launched. Unfortunately stock numbers have been fleeting at best. The Kosmosima is desktop oriented and features a contactless Z-axis sensor built into the grip.

Its attached to the Gunfighter Pro base and these typically come in packages.

This Space Combat Edition package comes in tabletop and pro versions and in left or right handed configurations. There’s also a Premium version with an extra flip-down trigger and a few other features.

Check it all out here.


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