AV8-B and Port Stanley updates from RAZBAM

A few updates have emerged from RAZBAM over the last few weeks including some new attention to the AV-8B and to their DCS: South Atlantic project in the form of the runway and airbase objects for Port Stanley. Let’s check it out.

TPOD and kneeboard updates for Harrier

RAZBAM’s renewed emphasis to work on (and finish) the AV-8B for DCS World has extended in recent weeks to work done on the kneeboard which provides some crucial pre-flight setup features. You can now more precisely control where your flare and chaff canisters are loaded and if NVG goggles are fitted or not as just two examples of what this enhanced capability can offer.

From the looks of it, this new kneeboard functionality also allows for a pre-set position to be loaded into the computers which should make for faster INS alignment.

The Harrier’s targeting pod is getting some work done on it as well. The came will now be occluded when the sensor head is trying to look backwards is the note that the team wrote on their Facebook update.

Port Stanley takes shape

RAZBAM’s DCS: South Atlantic project continues on and their most recent work was shown off on the RAZBAM Facebook page just a few days ago. These updates include a ton of new images of Port Stanley’s airbase. Both the settlement and the airbase were part of the fighting during the Falklands War and offer a crucial spot for the map team to develop.

More screenshots are available on the RAZBAM Facebook page.

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