VIRPIL teases more of their new V.F.X. grip

In-case you missed it before, VIRPIL is working on yet another grip in their series with the new V.F.X. grip being modeled and inspired by that from the F-14 Tomcat. In a video released today, VIRPIL demonstrates how to install a grip on a WarBRD base and at the same time we get a better look at the new grip.

V.F.X. in a how to video

The WarBRD Base unit will accept a series of different grips including the MongoostT-50 grip, the Constellation DELTA and the WarBRD Grip. Soon the V.F.X grip will be added to that list too and we now have a far better look at it with this new tutorial video.

V.F.X. appears to share some of the same grip shape and base design as the WarBRD Grip which probably meant that design could be done much more rapidly. V.F.X. is very squarely aimed at the 1980s U.S. designed fighter and specifically it appears to draw a lot of inspiration from the F-14 and in particular the rotary dial enabling you to switch between different types of weapons.

Z-axis is not confirmed but it is possible given how similar it appears to be to the WarBRD grip and Constellation DELTA.

Based on what we can see, the V.F.X. has the same two stage trigger from the WarBRD, three buttons, a break leaver axis, and something I can’t quite make out on the thumb section. Is that another hat switch (ala the WarBRD)?

The V.F.X. is supposedly coming sometime this summer so we’ll know more soon.

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  1. Sokol1 says:

    Under thumb is placed a dial. In real F-14 this dial is spring back to center and is used for control DLC – Direct Lift Control, besides move back and front this dial can be depressed. Rest know how will work in VirPil V.F.X.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Excellent info Sokol! Thanks for sharing that. Makes sense that they’d do it this way.


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