IL-2 Summer Sale is on!

The IL-2 Summer Sale is here! Celebrate the warmer months (in the northern hemisphere anyways) with some serious discounts on IL-2 titles include IL-2: Battle of Kuban which gets its first 50% off treatment. Here’s the details!

Discounts are on

From June 25th (today) to July 9, 2019 you’ll be able to get the following discounts in both the IL-2 website store as well as on Steam:

  • Battle of Kuban = 50% Off (First time at this price)
  • Battle of Stalingrad = 66% Off
  • Battle of Moscow = 66% OFF
  • All Collector Planes = 50% Off (Including the U-2VS)
  • All Scripted Campaigns = 50% Off
  • All Rise of Flight Content = 66% Off
  • Cliffs of Dover BLITZ = 66% Off

Check these out in the IL-2 store or on Steam.

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