New features and eye candy for IL-2 fans in latest dev update

Battle of Bodenplatte, Flying Circus and Tank Crew updates are all part of the latest IL-2 developer diary from 1C Game Studios and there’s a great mix of talk about features and some great eye candy from the latest work in progress images so let’s dig into this!

Bodenplatte aircraft updates

The first news that we have is that four aircraft for IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte are nearly complete when it comes to their 3D models and texture work. Those are of course the P-51D, P-38J, B-25 and Tempest. We can only assume that their flight model and systems are also being worked on and I’m still holding out some hope that we’ll see the P-51D in the next four weeks if we’re lucky.

This week we get a look at the Tempest Mark V’s new cockpit:

We’ve also got our first look at 4K textures, courtesy of community skin artist Martin =ICDP= Catney, for the Bf109G-14. All Bodenplatte aircraft will release with 4K textures.

Some big features coming

Many fans have had a long bucket list of features that they were hoping to see from 1CGS and the IL-2 series and it looks like the team is hard at work on them.

  • One of those features is pilot physiology. Sim pilots have been asking for a feature where repeated high-G maneuvers can cause the pilot to fatigue or where bailouts become impossible due to intense gravitational effects as an aircraft spins out of control. These are features that are in the category of small details that add up to making big impressions.
  • A long requested feature is the ability to push the visibility bubble out beyond the 9-10 kilometers that the sim currently uses for most objects. This can be especially important to bomber pilots trying to line-up on a target many kilometers in advance. We now know that the team is working on that and hopes to be able to increase that though not everyone may want to take advantage of that depending on performance hits.
  • IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte’s map is nearly done and that means that work on the career mode is now underway. We’ve learned that the career will be called ‘The Battle of Rhineland’ and will start on September 17th, 1944 and end on April 1st, 1945. That’s a significant chunk of the Western Front tactical air war basically picking up on the post Normandy/Operation Overlord activities and stretching nearly to the end of the war.
  • Next up, the team is going to work on the ability to repair and rearm at an airfield without changing aircraft. There have been many long debates on this but the team is working on a solution for it and I’m curious to see how that plays out.
  • There will also be an update of the FMOD sound engine that should fix some sound bugs that have been small but persistently annoying to some. In some cases sounds would cut out if too many were playing at once and apparently this will be resolved. Great!

Pilots and soldiers

The latest update features new pilots and soldiers as well. The RAF summer pilot is our first image and the second features a variety of soldiers that will be doing things like driving vehicles and manning AA guns. We haven’t seen much of the vehicles and static objects for Bodenplatte but I’m sure we’ll see some particularly for the Allies.

Tank Crew campaigns and tank updates

The artwork for Tank Crew’s single player campaigns have been revealed. ‘Breaking Point’ will be the title for the Soviet campaign while ‘Last Chance’ will be the one for the German side.

Also included in the dev update is the Pz.Kpfw.IV Ausf.G. Special mention is made to its electric turret system – I don’t know much about tanks but I assume that this added complication probably provides a lot of advantages (and some disadvantages) when driving a tank. I’m still new to Tank Crew but the last time I had an opportunity to drive some tanks around I had a lot of fun.

Two remaining aircraft for Flying Circus are actually four

While the advertising materials say that Flying Circus is coming with 10 aircraft that’s actually a bit of a misnomer as we also got the Fokker D.VIIF (that’s 11) and we’re getting two new aircraft that will also have two engine versions pushing the total to 13 if counted in the traditional Rise of Flight model.

Next up are the Bristol Fighter F.2B and the Halberstadt CL.II and in actual fact the following four are listed:

  • Halberstadt CL.II
  • Halberstadt CL.IIau
  • Bristol Fighter F2 Falcon 2
  • Bristol Fighter F2 Falcon 3

Both look great and represent the first two person aircraft to arrive to Flying Circus. In addition to being capable scouts with some dogfighting potential, these two aircraft are also ‘attackers’ with slightly larger bomb capacities than anything available to date. I think I’m going to like flying these a lot.

It’s been a while but worth it

There’s been a few weeks without a developer update but this week was absolutely worth it with lots of progress being made. I’m very excited about the Tempest Mark V becoming flyable as its one of my favourites above all others so that will be quite the day for me. The Bodenplatte map being nearly done is great news for all and I know everyone is ready for that. Moving both Flying Circus and Tank Crew a little closer to being content complete is fantastic as well.

Read all about it on this week’s Developer Diary!

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  1. ZOOMY says:

    I’m excited to hear about the physiological “improvements”. I hope that oxygen use, along with the possibility of hypoxia, is something that gets added soon as well.

    I’m also hoping that they will add drop tanks soon too. I don’t believe that they are needed for even Bodenplatte’s map, yet, I still would like to see them added to equipment available. Somehow, a P-51 just looks naked without them.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It’s going to be interesting to see what they can develop. Knowing the team, they will probably do some research and find a way to model it at least semi-accurately.

      Fuel tanks I know a lot of people want to see. Tempests also tended to fly around a lot with the tanks on even though they weren’t always needed so I can see that being a thing in the future. Again, I know they want to do the tanks together with a more sophisticated fuel management system. We’ll see what they come up with!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. bigalrico says:

    Waiting for the news was really worth it!
    And to be honest, it will be the best year for Il-2 with all the innovations that will come! ( it becomes slowly hard to remember everything 😉 )
    As far as the turret system of the Pz. IV is concerned, I don’t really know, apart from the Panther D all the others should also run with an electrical support system (if I don’t remember it wrong).
    Even if the two-seater FC doesn’t interest me that much, the set will be complete and a big step will be done.
    Of course I can only speculate, but I hope that we will soon see some finished pictures of the Mustang cockpit, at least I have such a feeling. Also the question is whether the Bodenplatte map might be included in the next update. (It would be a dream!).
    Also the announced increase of the view, with the direct naming of ships, is very interesting. After all, this was one of the biggest criticisms of the game and an increased visibility would definitely open the way for scenarios like Midway <3.

    The excitement is rising 😀


    Liked by 2 people

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      This second half of 2019 is definitely going to be an exciting year for the series. The Bodenplatte map, the Mustang, Tempest, Lightning and the push towards completion of the title is going to be huge.

      It will be interesting to see what the team does next. I know lots want them to go to Midway but I feel like its 50/50 on if they have got to all of the research they need. Time will tell (and I suspect it will for them as well).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. bigalrico says:

        True words!

        The best thing about the Great Battles Series is that each module benefits from the achievements of the latest part. For example a new fuel system, extended pilot effects or things like visibility.

        And above all these things would also be very important for a Pacific scenario and then already available in advance. I would also say that the chance is relatively 50/50. Because a Normandy scenario that extends to August 44 would seamlessly tie in with the “Battle for Rhineland”, would also have some great planes to offer. And it doesn’t make guessing and puzzling any less exciting 😀

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ShamrockOneFive says:

        All true! I’m guessing we’ll know what the plan is for the future by end of the year. Should be exciting!

        Liked by 1 person

    2. Blue 5 says:

      The RAF determined that drag from an empty tank was so small as not to be worth jettisoning, so unless in extremis Tempest pilots tended to keep theirs.

      Also, remember that tanks provide range and endurance. Even if missions were not penetrating that far east, tanks allowed the formation to cover a wider patrol zone and for longer.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Huckle says:

    Pilot exhaustion in a sim is a contentious issue, particularly as it’s a human variable. I read an article a few years ago where a WW2 Soviet pilot tried Il-2, and he commented at one point that he was waiting for the AI pilot to get tired from maneuvering…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Yeah that is interesting and there will definitely be some contention. I’m certain it will be a difficulty setting so servers can turn it on or off as desired but I think a great many may want to have it on if its modeled reasonably well.


  4. Mischiew Rithe says:

    I’m glad they’re trying to add rearm and repair, but I’m wondering if that’s in single-player, or only for MP. Hopefully they won’t exclude SP.

    Very curious about how the physiological effects will be implemented, that’s a good addition!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Knowing the team I think this feature will be potentially useful in both single player and multiplayer. It’s also being built with the Tank Crew campaigns in mind so this is a series spanning feature from everything that we know.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Blue 5 says:

    Thinking again about the pilot fatigue issue, I wonder if this is a good idea. The engine ‘timer’ was not implemented in a terribly satisfactory manner and we already have the deteriorating vision with high g: I have a nagging feeling that this – especially with its representation for the AI – might be something of a hole that the team should best avoid.


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