Team Fusion introduces Spitfire Vb, Martlet for IL-2 Cliffs of Dover 5.0

The tropicalized version of the Spitfire Vb is the most recent aircraft to be shown off for IL-2: Cliffs of Dover 5.0 which is being worked on by Team Fusion for a future release. The North Africa expansion to the now classic Battle of Britain title is bringing with it some interesting new types with the Spitfire Vb (trop) being a key piece of the puzzle. Let’s have a look!

Desert Spitfire

The Spitfire Vb was the key frontline fighter for the RAF in 1942 and 1943 and saw service in nearly every theatre that the RAF fought in. The tropicalized version of the Spitfire Vb featured a large chin mounted filter system to keep fine particles out of the Merlin’s sensitive machinery. The filter worked and permitted the Spitfire to operate in harsh desert conditions, however, the aerodynamic penalty dropped performance.

Coming in the planned North Africa update by Team Fusion for Cliffs of Dover, the Spitfire Vb will join other aircraft like the Bf109F, MC.202 and D.520 as part of a desert specific scenario.

You can see the Spitfire Vb in the following video, however, Team Fusion is keen to point out that its still an alpha version of their new North Africa map and new features such as a new cloud system, weather, detailed rock formations and distance views are not yet in.

Enter the Martlet

Even before the U.S. Navy had placed an order for the F4F Wildcat, the Royal Navy had ordered what they then called the ‘Martlet’ to replace the Fairly Fulmar. The Martlet made an impact in multiple operations including providing support for the landings in North Africa and that has ensured that it will be a part of the line-up of aircraft that Team Fusion is putting together for version 5.0.

Check out this new video featuring the Martlet, new sounds, and some more quick views of the alpha North Africa map.

Check out the latest from Team Fusion’s June developer update.

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  1. 79vRAF says:

    Shame it’s so late. What was once our go to sim is so long in the tooth it just doesn’t compete anymore. It’s been at least three years since I went on Cliffs, and even then TF5.0 was a couple of years late.

    I remember us playing IL2 1946 and BoB being the next big thing, that turned into a flop, revived by TF and then stagnated. There was some excitement around the securing of the source code, ambitious targets and deadlines set, none achieved. The Blitz release was a pigs ear and undermined any confidence in the sim.

    As much as I’d love to see a desert theatre of operations for WW2 I won’t be buying this. There will be no VR support for the foreseeable future and I’ve got rid of my Track IR as I’ll never go back to it.

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    1. Blue 5 says:

      I agree. Shame to say, but that is a somewhat wasted effort.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Novice-Flyer says:

      Hi 79VRAF.
      Yeah, the waiting for the release has sure been an ache. I mean for a while myself and probably everyone else wondered why TF posted that
      TF 5.0 would be released in late 2016, but hasn’t yet. Well, that has been answered. The reason was that the original plan was for TF 5.0 to contain a few new planes, ships, and an okay map. But after they received the source code from 1CGS they decided to make TF 5.0 a comprehensive, professionally developed patch like BoX. At least 10 more planes were then added. I believe they decided to fix BoB first, then go on to the Med. because I don’t think people would want to buy a buggy game, install all these patches, and buy an expansion.

      They did rush the release of Blitz (but not like the original) and therefore didn’t get the full results they were looking for. TFS is taking its time in releasing 5.0 as it’s better to be slightly late, than on time and lose your career. The reception of 5.0 will determine whether they will continue. I hope to fly the Swordfish against the Bismarck, fly over Malta and Bay of Biscay, and possibly fly the Sunderland, SM.79, Fw-200, Fw 190A, Wellington III, P-40F, Avenger, B-26, Beaufort, etc. and fly Walrus and Arado 196 off ships in TF 6.0.

      I’m pretty excited for the flyable Wellington, Dewoitine D.520, Gladiator, and Hurricane Mk IID, Ju-88C, plus all the ships like the Scharnhorst, Prinz Eugen, Admiral Scheer, etc. This is why I feel that CloD can compete with BoX as you have BoB and many planes that you can’t fly anywhere else (except in 1946 mods, WT, etc.); and ships that probably wouldn’t be included if 1CGS did North Africa/BoB. Plus, you can drive them, along with vehicles.

      VR will be released shortly after the release of TF 5.0, its just adding VR would only delay the release, and no one wants that. After 5.0, VR will be the main priority.

      I hope to see more updates by TFS soon and certain that there will be comparison videos between BoX and CloD planes like the Spitfire Vb,
      P-40E, Macchi 202, Bf 109E/F, He-111H-6 where torpedoes are carried.

      See you in the skies

      Novice Flyer

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  2. Marc McQuitty says:

    I’m in!!! I’m looking forward to the desert theater

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  3. iBookworm says:

    I’ve owned CoD for ages, and have the Blitz version, but I’ve barely touched it because it has no VR support. VR is pretty much a must for a flight sim these days. Years ago it was said to be in the world for 5.0, but I’ve seen no news about it recently. It seems to be bafflingly low priority for the dev team.

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