New DCS: AV-8B updates on the way, M-2000C news

RAZBAM’s efforts to bring the AV-8B towards a completed module status are continuing and multiple small yet important updates are on their way into the AV-8B for the next open beta patch. Plus there’s a small mention of M-2000C updates too!

Updates for the Harrier

The last few months have really turned the AV-8B Harrier around with a much revised cockpit, new features and systems being added, and the sense that RAZBAM has returned in strength to making sure that this module is as complete as it possibly can be.

Here’s some of the latest updates as provided to us by RAZBAM on their official Discord:

Preliminary changelog for next OB release:

– Removed GBU-16 x 3 from loadout menu (Bombs do not fit on the Racks)

– Designating a target will save the position as a steerpoint (targetpoint)

– Steerpoint navigation has been improved

– Steerpoints (waypoint, mark point, target point) can now be designated as targets

– Steerpoints and their offsets will change to a diamond if designated as targets

– Steerpoint offset bug fixed

– TACAN and TACAN offset navigation bugs fixed.

– EHSD page bug fixes.

– TACAN library enabled (5 TACAN stations data is loaded based on selected map).

– EHSD Data page: TACAN information display is fixed.

Updates for the Mirage

The DCS: M-2000C by RAZBAM was my first DCS World module and it made a bit of a splash when it first arrived into the series. It’s a popular module and a jet I see fairly regularly online (though not as popular as the Hornet or A-10C) and I know there’s quite a few fans of the jet among the regular readers of Stormbirds.

Months ago RAZBAM announced that their team would be working towards a major update for the M-2000C that would include new and enhanced avionics and system modeling. Much of this was based on learning that the team was able to do while working with an official French Air Force simulator.

The team was also going to be busy upgrading the cockpit art for the M-2000C to bring it up to the latest standards as well. Both substantive and visual upgrades are welcomed and I’m hoping to spend some more time in the jet post update.

Today we had word, from the RAZBAM Discord, that some of those updates will begin to appear in the next open beta as well:

M-2000C updates are under test and are expected to be released on next OB update.

The details of those updates are unknown and its also unknown if the visual refresh is part of that plan. If they can bring it up to the same standard as the AV-8B, I’ll be very pleased!

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  1. Eviscerador says:

    Nice additions to the Harrier. I went straightaway to test them and I found that they were a bit rushed.
    – Messing with the UFC DATA for waypoints makes the game CTD.
    – While it is good that they removed the 3x GBU 16 loadout, they kept the 2x GBU 16 which shares the same problem (the GBU 16 cannot be loaded in the TER due to size)

    The TGT functionalities work though, it is just that you can’t use them because at the moment you want to use the TGT and save it as a waypoint or transfer it to a steerpoint, the game crashes.

    Let’s hope they hotfix this soon.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I haven’t had a chance to test them out so thanks for giving them a try. Two steps forward and one step back then. Fingers crossed for some hotfixes to sort it out.


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