Update on hotfix for DCS: AV-8B

Some new features have arrived for the AV-8B in DCS World and it appears that a few of them haven’t quite worked out the way they had hoped they would. Here’s the latest from RAZBAM.

Open beta only

A variety of bugs and features were tackled by RAZBAM in the latest open beta update which I covered yesterday. Unfortunately, sometimes changes like this introduce their own bugs and RAZBAM and the community have been working in tandem (through RAZBAM’s Discord, the DCS World forums, and through other channels) to find and fix them. Here’s the latest from RAZBAM:

Folks, on today’s DCS hotfix the following bug fixes have been released:

1. INS stuck on invalid steerpoint on alignment bug.

2. EHSD data not clearing after undesignating a target.

The following bugs are fixed on development and will be available on next update:

1. CTD when entering a new waypoint.

2. Range to waypoint reading 0 on the EHSD.

3. SEQ waypoint numbering.

At this time, to avoid the CTD when entering a new waypoint, enter a high waypoint number. DO NOT enter the next available number.

For example: If the flightplan has 4 waypoints and you want to enter the fifth. DO NOT input 5 on the waypoint number. Enter 6 or higher. The UFC will correct the number back to 5.

If you enter 5, DCS will CTD.

RAZBAM Facebook page

As you can see, some bugs are now already fixed in the latest hotfix and a few will be coming in the next update. Of course, the new features and the issues being experienced are purely limited to open beta users so those of you on the stable build are unaffected.


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  1. Eviscerador says:

    Kudos to Razbam guys! I’m glad to see their reaction time is quite fast.

    Looking forward to test the harrier with the new workaround while they fix it.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Agreed! It’s great to see them both interacting and solving issues like this. It’s a good look.


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