IL-2’s summer sale extended

Great news for fans of the IL-2 series who may be looking to pick up a few more items on sale – the sale has been extended for a few more days!

Summer sale goes to July 15 on website

This website only extension (the Steam sale has certain rules which prevent it from going on any longer) to the IL-2 summer sale pushes the date to July 15 before prices go back to normal.

As a reminder, this is what is on sale:

Battle of Kuban = 50% Off (First time at this price)
Battle of Stalingrad = 66% Off
Battle of Moscow = 66% OFF
All Collector Planes = 50% Off
(Including the U-2VS)
All Scripted Campaigns = 50% Off
All Rise of Flight Content = 66% Off
Cliffs of Dover BLITZ = 66% Off

Of course, all of this can be found on the official IL-2 webstore.

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