Squadron Air to Air League is live today!

Sometimes its great to kick back and watch others fly flight sims and if you’re looking for something with a competitive angle to it – SATAL is probably what you want to check out. They are live right now and it looks great.

What is it?

Sponsored by Eagle Dynamics, Heatblur, and Thrustmaster, DCS World Events is putting on Squadron Air to Air League (SATAL) 2019 and the most recent matches are happening as I type this. Even if you’re reading this after the fact you can check out the replays on Twitch (and YouTube).

Here’s some background: DCS World Events, in conjunction with Heatblur, Thrustmaster, and Eagle Dynamics are proud to announce SATAL 2019 – Squadron Air to Air League! SATAL allows for the action and interest that surrounds SATAC be experienced year round. SATAL’s goal is to create a structured league that concludes in a single elimination tournament. Whereas SATAC is an intense 2-3 week championship, SATAL will be more of a slow burn year round competition. This is SATAL’s second year and we hope to bring all of the action that was so exciting from last year back into focus for 2019.

M0ltar on the DCS World Forums

You can read all about their 6v6 squadron format here. For more information you can also check out SATAL on Splash One Gaming.

Live as of 1:42 pm EST is AIRTACC (with some of the Grim Reapers) versus Viper Squadron.



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