Having trouble updating IL-2 to version 3.102? Here’s the fix!

Something in IL-2 version 3.102 has caused some real issues with the updater and that has seen many of us (myself included) see the update fail about halfway through. If its happening to you, fear not, there’s a quick fix and this is what you need to do.

Method one

For the fix I turn things over to IL-2 developer Sneaksie who took to the forums soon after the patch was released with both a fix and an updated file to help solve the problem.

If you have ‘failed to update’ message in the launcher (if you’re using non-Steam version), please close it, navigate to the installation folder of the game and open bin\game folder. There is a file named rofuplib64.dll – please replace it with the one attached to this post (unzip it first of course), then run the launcher again and it should work fine. Sorry for inconvenience! 

Sneaksie on the IL-2 forums

The replacement DLL file can be downloaded from this link.

Method two

There’s a simpler but cruder method of solving any IL-2 update woes and it may work for you if the above didn’t work or if you just want to get on with it.

Similar to the one above, use Windows Explorer to navigate to the IL-2 Great Battles Series folder (or IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad if you’ve had it installed for as long as I have) and locate the folder named “Update.” Delete that folder entirely.

My method is what I used to solve the update problem but it does come with a downside – I had to reconfigure my graphics settings. It was a small and very easy price to pay.

Hopefully that helps!

Nothing is more frustrating than downloading a patch only to have it fail halfway through. Past IL-2 patches have had similar issues but not on the scale of the current patch. Hopefully in the long run the IL-2 developers can come up with a method that can resolve this issue. For now, use one of those two methods to get back to flying.

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