Sedlo updates Eastern Friendship campaign to v2.1

One of the first campaigns and up to now one of the best for DCS: F/A-18C has been Sedlo’s free Eastern Friendship campaign. Set in the skies over Georgia during a complex geopolitical scenario where Russian, Georgian, and NATO forces are at odds the campaign is short but immensely satisfying. Now, there’s a new Version 2.1 with all kinds of changes!

Version 2 changes

The first campaign featured well thought out missions and plenty of voice overs to help bring the tension up. Here’s what Sedlo has to say about the version 2 update:

I’ve totally reworked all 4 missions to update it to a more modern standard.  Easy Comms are now disabled, you will have to tune your radios to the correct frequencies in order for the missions to progress (don’t worry, you’ll be prompted when to do this in game).  I’ve updated a ton of triggers, added random threats, and generally made the campaign more realistic and enjoyable as well.  I hope you like it!


Each mission comes with a detailed breakdown and PDF files for you to use as reference. There’s also plenty of voice comms in the first version and this new version will also have you realistically changing comm frequencies as required.

Check out all of the details and download the campaign right here!

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  1. I love Eastern Friendship and far be it from me to tell Sedlo how to do his thing, but I’m not too big of a fan of disabling easy comms. It’s one thing in a mission to have it turned off, but if I have to worry about screwing up an hour long campaign mission because I wasn’t tuned to the right frequency, it takes some of the fun out of it.

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    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I was a bit skeptic myself but first impressions are very good. He’s got it done in such a way that it feels pretty easy and it helps you along the way with reminders in the top right corner.

      Give it a try if you get a chance and let us know how it worked out.


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