DCS news round-up: F-16 datalink, SeaHarrier FRS, JF-17 loadout

Sometimes there are small tidbits of news that sneak out but aren’t quite worth a full article. Today we’ve got a few including the latest tutorial from Eagle Dynamics’ Matt Wagner on the F-16 datalink system, a couple of South Atlantic updates from RAZBAM and a really cool image of the JF-17’s weapons all laid out for us to have a look at.

JF-17’s weapons laid out

Posted by Deka Ironworks on r/Hoggit

This cool image shows off a number of weapons and accessories such as fuel tanks and targeting pods that the DCS: JF-17 can carry. We also have what looks like a finalized logo for the module down in the lower left corner.

The JF-17 will come with a wide variety of missiles including active radar, IR, long range stand-off, and and a targeting pod. There’s a lot of capability and potential for this jet which is why everyone is so excited and it’s likely to shake up some of the PVP multiplayer scenarios in particular.

In recent weeks we’ve seen the exterior textures come a long way. We’re waiting to see a more final cockpit appearance which will likely be one of the last things we see before launch on December 4th. There’s also a launch trailer in the works!

RAZBAM’s latest DCS: South Atlantic progress

They aren’t the most detailed images but these images from RAZBAM’s Facebook do show progress on the DCS: South Atlantic map which is set to include the Falkland Islands and the ability to recreate the infamous 1982 conflict between the United Kingdom and Argentina.

Argentinian A-4 Skyhawk’s and Mirage III’s frequently did battle with the Royal Navy’s Sea Harrier FRS.1 which was armed with a pair of 30mm Aden cannons, AIM-9 Sidewinders and the Blue Fox radar. Speaking of Sea Harrier, RAZBAM had this to show off…

It’s still unknown if any of these aircraft for the Falkland’s conflict will be flyable but I would guess that their long range goal will be to enable multiplayer scenarios for their map and to do that, they will need the appropriate aircraft. It’ll be interesting to see how this project evolves.

MIDS and the Link 16 system for DCS: F-16C

We have an introductory video and tutorial for the DCS: F-16C revolving around the upcoming Link 16 datalink implementation. Link16 for the F-16C will allow the jet to receive and transmit datalink information with data such as aircraft positions, IFF, and other variables all part of the mix. Matt’s video shows off the new display symbology to operate the datalink.

Also note the center-line fuel tank which as of yet had not been added.

Check it out!

Bold Cheetah updates

DCS World campaign maker Sedlo is working away on his DCS: F/A-18C and DCS: Persian Gulf based campaign called ‘Bold Cheetah.’

Sedlo, as of November 5th, was still looking for a couple of voice actors to help him out.

Sedlo’s last Hornet campaign was the CF-18 Eastern Friendship mini-campaign featuring 4 very cool missions with the DCS: F/A-18C which were just updated to version 2.1.

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