VIRPIL new control panels and design contest

Where does VIRPIL go after launching joystick bases, grips, throttles and rudder pedals? Control panels apparently! VIRPIL is launching a control panel and button box design contest as the flight sim hardware company looks to bring the community in on their design process for a new line of hardware peripherals.

Four distinct lines of product

VIRPIL is looking to create hardware to support fans of different types of aircraft including jet aircraft, piston aircraft, helicopters, and spacecraft.

Just one example of the kind of format that VIRPIL is using

Here are some more details of the contest:

We will be running a competition where members of the community can submit design proposals for control panels in these categories. Every participant can send in an unlimited number of entries for any category. All entries must comply with the design requirements which include:

– The design must fit inside the enclosed case.

– All controls and features can only be located on the top panel.

– Panel labelling and LED implementations are permitted.

– A description of the design choices and exact functionality of the features implemented.

The first stage of the competition kicks off on August 5th to September 15th with two more stages before the final stage is completed on October 29th. The winner will be announced October 30th.

For more information visit the VIRPIL forums with the official announcement.

Control panels should be interesting

With more customizability being demanded by flight sim consumers in the middle and high end market, its no surprise that VIRPIL is charging ahead with some new options. Thrustmaster’s MFD Cougar Pack comes to mind as just one kind of custom setup but more options are out there too and I’m sure fans of helicopters and WWII warbirds in particular might really find a custom control panel to be very helpful.

I’m sure we’ll learn more as this contest continues and when VIRPIL makes final announcements on the winner and on the design that they are implementing.

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