JDAM updates for RAZBAM’s DCS: AV-8B

It’s almost a bit surreal with RAZBAM making further progress on the featureset of their DCS: AV-8B and adding a feature that has long been a sore point for the DCS World community – the JDAM and associated GPS weapon related systems. It’s not just putting a GPS guided munition on the pylon but all of the supporting systems that need to be programmed around it and it looks like RAZBAM has this well handled. Here are the details!


One of the first features we’ve seen is the JDMA HUD alignment test. This image shows a test target and the JDAM system aligning itself with a status indicator appearing beneath a circle on the HUD. This is an interesting arrangement that I look forward to learning more about.

This is what RAZBAM had to say about this on their Facebook page:

This is an alignment test for the JDAM HUD mode page. Target values are not real but test values. JDAMs are still WiP.
“N0” does not means no, it is a status code. The 0 is the number zero, not the letter O.

RAZBAM Facebook

Pre-flight JDAM target selection

The other feature that RAZBAM is working on is using the F10 screen plus the kneeboard to provide some pre-loading JDAM GPS coordinate information. This appears to allow you to designate targets appearing on the F10 map into the AV-8B’s computers during the pre-flight process. The kneeboard is used to verify that the targets are loaded and then can be cycled through on the MFD.

This looks incredibly useful and amps up the AV-8B’s multiple target strike capabilities.

ETA appears to be soon

These features being added to the AV-8B are looking more mature as time goes on and it looks like we may see them rolled into an open beta sooner than later. RAZBAM has made no statement to that effect but with any luck we’ll hopefully see a reasonably mature open beta release over the next few releases.

More to come on this no doubt!

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  1. 79vRAF says:

    I’m definitely looking forward to this. As much as I like the Hornet the Harrier is still far and away my favourite DCS module. Sometimes it just seems to have better strike capabilities than the Hornet; though it’s clearly not go the A2A capabilities, this doesn’t worry me as it’s not what I am looking to do in DCS!

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