Check out szelljr’s incredible Flying Circus skins

The flight sim community constantly astounds me when it comes to the sheer variety of talents out there. So many of you contribute with your thoughts, your ideas, your videos, screenshots, writing and more – for someone like szelljr, its the visual art that translates historical photos and references into some true pieces of art. Check out szelljr’s Flying Circus skins!

A real ‘Flying Circus’

One of the wonderful things about WWI aircraft that is lost in the modern day are the sheer variety and personalization of aircraft schemes. WWI aircraft are a blend of artistry and camouflage, beauty and deadly purpose.

There are plenty of skin artists contributing to the IL-2 community and I’ve highlighted some great work bringing 4K skins to the WWII aircraft. Now it’s time to recognize another impressive artist. Check these out!

All of these and so many more can be downloaded via links provided by szelljr on this thread on the forums or by downloading GCF’s fantastic and comprehensive Unofficial Skin Bundle.

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  1. Blue 5 says:


    I wish that the skins were better collated by type. Right now you have to read through all the major contributors in order to find new colours for a given aircraft.

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