Speculating on IL-2’s next Collector Planes

The next Collector Planes for IL-2 are now in pre-production according to Jason Williams. The team isn’t quite ready to say what they are yet so that means that speculation has been running around the community as to what they might be. I’ve talked about this a few times before but for the sake of argument and to update my thoughts… let’s talk about future Collector Planes and let’s consider how they may factor into the future!

Eliminating some aircraft from the list

There’s been a lot of speculation since the developer diary update on Friday. While I think that everyone discussing their favourite aircraft and posting their wish-list for aircraft is awesome I also don’t think that some guesses are necessarily realistic.

To narrow down the list of aircraft we have to look at the practical realities of 1CGS’ development model as well as what they plan to do in the future. To that end, I suspect that the team will be building aircraft that apply directly to Battle of Bodenplatte and the time period between September of 1944 and April of 1945.

If Bodenplatte ends up being the only title to tackle the mid to late Western Front scenario, these aircraft will be useful in broadening the aircraft set. If, on the other hand, the team decides to do something like 1944 Normandy or Italy later then these would hopefully have at least some crossover appeal.

The newest Collector Planes are likely to be connected to Bodenplatte in some way.

The aircraft can also not be likely candidates for future titles. The team needs to leave room for the future and that means that these Collector Planes are more likely to be late war types that fit in that 1945 time period than earlier – razorback P-51 and P-47 variants seem unlikely as a result (though I think we’ll hopefully see them sooner than later).

The sales will matter here too as Collector Planes are sold individually and therefore need to command some popularity. There are some more niche choices that might interest a few but will be ignored by many others.

We should look to the past as a indicator as well. Between Battle of Moscow and Kuban, the team delivered on the Ju52/3m and Yak-1B Series 127. Then, the team brought in the La-5FN and Bf109G-6 between the end of Battle of Kuban and the start of Battle of Bodenplatte development.

Finally, we have to consider complexity. A lot of people have said that the B-25D Mitchell is a great choice for a Collector Plane and while getting that type as a flyable would be a dream for me – it’s also not likely right now. A cockpit and multiple gunner stations would need to be built and that will probably take longer than the team intends to take on these aircraft. I could be grossly wrong on this and would be happily surprised if it were one of the types.

So … what can we expect?

Would 1CGS do a Typhoon (based on the Tempest)? It may depend on what they plan to do after Bodenplatte.

It’s a really tough thing to make the guess on what 1CGS is planning to do. Jason said a couple of new Collector Planes which means at least two is likely as with the case of the La-5FN and Bf109G-6 that came at the tail end of Battle of Kuban’s development.

When we factor in everything I put a few aircraft types in as possibilities and if you’ve been reading Stormbirds for a long time you probably won’t be surprised by my list. That said, I’m throwing a few extra on the list because I think they have at least a remote chance.

Here’s my best guesses:

  • Spitfire XIV
  • Mosquito VI
  • Meteor III
  • Typhoon IB
  • P-47M
  • A-20G
  • Ar234
  • FW190D-13
  • Me410
  • Ta152H

Any one of these has, from my perspective, a possibility of being included in the list but at least a few of them may be determined by what 1CGS has planned next. If, for example, the series goes to Normandy than the Typhoon IB is unlikely but if they aren’t planning to go there the Typhoon would fill a massive blank in the Allied aircraft inventory.

I hadn’t considered the P-47M the last time I did one of these but I’ve added it to my list. The M model is based on a later D-30 version of the P-47 with some key changes to the cockpit and a massive boost to the engine. The exterior would also have minor changes but this would be a variant of an aircraft that already exists so I’m uncertain if people would be ok with this as a Collector Plane or not. It wouldn’t exactly fit the 9th AF mission in the campaign which may disqualify it but I know fans love hot rodded P-47s.

The team could also easily do the Spitfire XIV, Jason has mentioned the Meteor and Mosquito before, and the Ar234 was part of the original Bodenplatte aircraft pitch apparently so I think it has a chance.

Other types in the future

The U-2VS is an extremely fun Collector Plane addition – I don’t think we’ll see anything like it for a while but I’m very glad that we have it.

These couple of aircraft that we’re talking about also don’t count efforts that 1CGS may do in the future. A Yak-9T would be cool and Ugra Media is likely still to produce a Li-2 or C-47 at some point too.

I’d love for the series to go back and give us a few more East Front types that we could use all over the three titles released for that. The I-153, Hs 123, SB-2, IL-4, early Yak-1 and LaGG-3 and others all qualify. Despite being very cool I don’t think those are what the team is working on right now – expanding the Western aircraft set should probably be the priority.

Love a good speculation!

That’s my commentary on the news that we’re getting new Collector Planes. As always, I love a good speculation so let’s hear your thoughts in the comments. Let’s put our guesses in, keep our minds open, and we’ll see what the team announces when the time is right.

I’m very excited!

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  1. Alex says:

    I think you can cut off the P-47M again, I am certainly sure they will not a Bodenplatte collector plane that can’t be based on the actual game map and used during the timeframe of the career mode; can you remember me the timeframe? It would be noce to cross check it with the plane you listed above, pretty sure we can cut off another two or three…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Alex says:

      Autocorrect broke my English in a pair of places, sorry for that 😅


      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        That’s ok! I’m still living down the Rafale/Rafael autocorrect gaffe from the other day. ☺️


    2. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Yeah, as I mentioned, it may disqualify a few and especially something like the P-47M.

      It depends on how accurate the devs want to be. Or maybe how accurate we want them to be.

      The Mosquito would be just off map, the Meteor on map but days later than the campaign runs, etc.


      1. Blue 5 says:

        Dude, I have seen news websites make that error! 🤣


    3. superetendard3 says:

      The time period for BoBP campaign is from September 1944 to April 1945


      1. ShamrockOneFive says:



  2. bigalrico says:

    I also almost believe that the B-25 probably won’t make it into the announcement (which is good because then there are other great things to come) because of the reasons mentioned. Otherwise I personally hope not that more Fw-190D or Ta-152 will be announced. If there is another 1945 set (Battle of Berlin or similar) you could put them there.
    With the Allies I really hope for the Spitfire Mk XIV, because if I’m not mistaken it would have the bubble canopy, a better engine, and would be a much more modern airplane that could rightly teach some Fritz to fear her.
    Of course I would also be very happy about the Mosquito, but maybe you could also place it in a Normandie scenario, just like the typhoon. Because if there are, as usual, only 2 airplanes again, the choice is then nevertheless very limited. A dream would be of course a new A-20 G or the Meteor 🙂

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    1. Francesco Kasta says:

      “the B-25 probably won’t make it into the announcement (which is good because then there are other great things to come)”

      Not as great as the Mitchell though.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Matt Katz says:

    Yak-3 is an important type that would be a lot of fun. La-7 is also needed.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Absolutely although as I said in the post I think what they are doing is filling out aircraft for Bodenplatte. Neither Yak-3 nor La-7 have a place on that map or any map that we have right now.


  4. Blue 5 says:

    XIV or Mossie is almost certainly one of them, though a Typhoon is not impossible. Yak-9 would be popular, I suppose

    What the ‘other’ might be – if we have one per side – is a bit more of a mystery. Another 109 / 190 is dull while a twin is a lot of work. Hope it is the Arado, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      With the Arado having a single pilot position and using identical engines to the 262 I have some hope with that one.

      Plus it’d be fun!


  5. schurem says:

    I would love the mosquito very much. A late model spitfire would be nice too, but I reckon they have to satiate the wheraboos too and give us an axis plane of some kind. Ta-152 is a likely candidate.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. harryvoyager says:

    I’ve thought the P-47D-22 would be a good one, especially if they can do both the 100 and 130 octane setting as a mod. It’s one of the last razor back versions, and it was the version used in lend-lease.

    It can fill the same roles as the D-28, provides a razors back and does not take up any of the more important versions of the P-47.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I’m going to guess that, if 1CGS decides to do Normandy next that the D-22 would be a shoe in.

      I had a ton of fun with that version in the original IL-2. The olive drab scheme with D-Day stripes is quite a looker!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Kirk Stant says:

    Fi-156 Storch. Can’t let the russkies have all the fun with the PO-2! Plus it fits in all the possible scenarios…

    Long shot: P-61.


  8. BlackHellHound1 says:

    It is always hard to figure out exactly what they are planning so I am not even going to try to predict… I am just going to name a few that I would love to see. (in pairs)

    Mosquito Mk VI
    Me 410 or otherwise Bf 110 (late war model)

    Ju-88 (night fighter variant)

    Bf 109 G-10

    P-40N/M or Typhoon
    Fw 190 A-9

    As for late war eastern front: Yak-9 or 3, La-7, and IL-10. But I am not really all that interested in late war Soviet aircraft. But of course, the Li-2 (or C-47) would be a nice addition against the Ju-52

    Some are a bit out there (like the night-fighters). However, I would prefer to see planes that add new or varying gameplay to Bodenplatte, like the first 2 pairs, instead of yet more day fighters.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. harryvoyager says:

      P-40N/M would be interesting, though I’d think they’d need to revamp the engine engine for them to work well.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        I’d love to see a P-40M or especially the N model show up in a sim. Someday it will happen again.

        The engine timers and modeling are being worked on apparently. Don’t know what they will do exactly but with luck we’ll see that sometime soon.


  9. Francesco Kasta says:

    Yeah I don’t think the P-47M really belongs in that list. But a part from that they are all good contenders. We’ll find out soon enough I hope.

    Liked by 1 person

  10. Canada One says:

    Good article, that was a fun read. But you left out the Hurricane, that’s interesting.

    Gimme an IL-10. You can never have too many flying tanks.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Thanks Canada One!

      Hurricane isn’t in the 1944-45 Battle of Bodenplatte timeline that I think will inform these aircraft.

      There were still some in service in Burma around this time. Half a world away. ☺️


    2. Blue 5 says:

      An A-9 is an obvious one and likely would be popular, but as a separate collector’s aircraft it would be very dull. I know a Spitfire XIV is ‘another Spitfire’, but it the D-9 of the series and hence a totally different beast.

      If we do get a German aircraft I bet £5 it is the Arado.


  11. arkhamuk says:

    “•Mosquito VI” – Don’t tease me !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I think there’s a strong chance for it. We’ll see!

      Liked by 1 person

  12. Jordan Bishop says:

    What about the Bf-109 G-10?


    1. Jordan Bishop says:

      Oh yeah and this may have already been mentioned but what about some late war German nightfighters/zerstorers?
      -Ju-88 G-6
      -Bf 110 G-4


      1. ShamrockOneFive says:

        I’m doubtful they would add these without working on the subsystems that would make radar practical.

        It could happen in the future but these Collector Planes will have to happen relatively quickly.


    2. ShamrockOneFive says:

      I don’t think we’ll get a G-10. It offers the same features as the K-4 and G-14 and I don’t think many would buy it. 1CGS has to sell these as individual aircraft.


  13. Zak Kandrachoff says:

    i would say a new packet will be fine
    Mosquito & Blitz
    Hornisse & Marauder
    Volksjäger & Meteor III
    Spitfire XIV & Ta152H


  14. Geoff says:

    Collector planes have to financially viable. More 109s and 190s don’t cut it except with a few; even a Griffon-engined Spitfire would be ignored by some. They will have to be something intriguing, something to fill a gap, and the Mosquito does that perfectly. Not many players could ignore her. Now, if we are to balance that with a Luftwaffe aircraft the Me410 would appear to be an obvious counterpart, but having spent all that time and effort in developing the unique characteristics of the Me262 and jet aircraft then the Arado Ar 234 would be the logical choice. It would seem a shame not to have it when the research is part done. Plus it’s a Luftwaffe bomber; not many of those about in the Bodenplatte set if you discount the awful decision to stick bombs on the 262.
    Twin-engine choice: Mosquito and Arado 234
    Single-engine possibility: Typhoon and another of the myriad 109s.

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