VIRPIL teases Constellation Alpha

VIRPIL’s next generation space-sim oriented grip is being teased on the company’s website with some blacked out images that provide just enough detail to see what the company has on offer. For some of you, these may end up being your flight stick as well so let’s have a quick look at the what we know.

Multi-color, lockable twist axis

Coming in November of 2019, Constellation Alpha is from what I understand, a successor to the Constellation Delta. The Delta has been popular from what I understand but also requiring some work when it came to comfort and ergonomics – something VIRPIL seems to be getting better at these days.

Here are the teaser images.

Those are a bit hard to see so I’ve boosted the levels two of them so you can have a closer look.

Easily spotted is the multiple color LED head which seems to be a given for space-sim hardware these days. On the more practical side of things there’s what appears to be two triggers, a break lever, a pinky button, three or four hat switches and/or analog sticks, and at least one more red single action button.

A VIRPIL rep confirmed on r/hotas that it would have a lockable twist axis as well.

The VPC Constellation ALPHA will include our new lockable twist mechanism!


Discount to previous owners

If you’re an owner of the current VIRPIL Constellation Delta, the Alpha will be available with a 5% discount according to the VIRPIL Facebook page. Exact pricing has not been released yet and the release date is set at a vague November of 2019.


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  1. Francesco Kasta says:

    The shape reminds me of a Xenomorph. Nice.
    Still keeping my Warthog though.


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