Up for some IL-2 multiplayer? Two big events going on tonight!

It’s Friday night and if you find yourself thinking about flying some IL-2 multiplayer, you may want to know that there are two big events going on this evening that you may want to check out. If a fully populated server is your thing, tonight might be a great time!

Friday Night Flights on KOTA

Knights of the Air server (check out my Q&A with the KOTA server team) is the host for JG51’s organized Friday Night Flights fly-in event. You can bet that a couple of squadrons will be showing up on the server to fly some virtual missions.

I don’t have a lot of information about the event but check out the poster and hop on the server at 8PM eastern and I’m sure you’ll find lots of activity.

KOTA has a great Discord server setup so be sure to check that out: https://discord.gg/KHbVNn5

Friday Night Flights on TAW

I actually don’t think these two similarly named events knew that each other called it Friday Night Flights but we’ve got a second event happening on Tactical Air War (see my recent experiences with TAW here) with TWB hosting an event on that server.

There’s a Google Doc sign-up here and they hope to kick off their event at 9pm EST. TWB has a Discord server so check that out too.


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