Reminder: IL-2 sale ends September 3rd

The ‘Endless Summer’ sale for the IL-2: Great Battles series ends next Tuesday on the website and this Thursday if you wanted to buy from the Steam Store. This is your reminder!

A reminder of what’s on sale

The A-20B is part of the Battle of Kuban aircraft set – currently 50% off!

There’s a lot of good deals going on for IL-2 right now with sale and I always try and make sure that my readers are up to date – potentially saving a little money here and there.

The sale will end September 3rd for the IL-2 website store and end August 29th for the Steam Store. Here is what’s on sale:

  • Battle of Stalingrad – 66% Off (Website and Steam)
  • Battle of Moscow – 66% Off (Website and Steam)
  • Battle of Kuban – 50% Off (Website and Steam)
  • Blazing Steppe Scripted Campaign – 50% Off (Website and Steam)
  • Fortress on the Volga Scripted Campaign – 50% Off (Website and Steam)
  • Ten days of Autumn Scripted Campaign – 50% Off (Website Only)
  • Havoc Over the Kuban Scripted Campaign – 50% Off (Website Only)


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Blue 5 says:

    Hi Shamrock,

    Your list reminded me to go and have a look at the site in case there were anything that took my fancy. Just a minor thing, but the last scripted campaign on offer is called: Ten Days of Autumn


  2. Christopher Krizsak says:

    I purchased the scripted campaigns from the website. Is there a way to activate with the Steam version of the Sim?


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      My understanding is that there is no difference. The campaigns should be there if you’re account is linked – which I assume it is?


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