‘Cruising’ in X-Plane 11 cinematic

When I got home tonight I didn’t think that I would be making a cinematic video much less publishing one and sharing it on YouTube but… why not. This is the very short story behind my latest cinematic – Cruising.

Video editing learning opportunity

Today I learned about an editing suite called DaVinici Resolve 16. If you aren’t all that interested in video editing software I’ll spare you the details but the fun thing about it is that the basic version is free. Seemingly with no strings attached! I decided that I’d cast aside my usual Premier Pro and Final Cut Pro X experience and give this new piece of software a try and the Resolve series has always had a good reputation – one that goes right up to the pro level.

The other thing that came together is that I’ve been slowly recording short video clips from some of my X-Plane adventures. I was going to do something more cinematic than I ended up doing but I hadn’t really generated the right kind of concept behind it nor had I mastered the X-Plane camera controls (or used some third party plugins to give me more cinematic control).

So this video is basically me learning how to use a new video editing suite, stringing together some clips from my X-Plane flying, and trying to have a little fun with the whole thing. I wasn’t originally planning to share this but I ultimately decided that I would.

Cruising through X-Plane 11’s sky

This video is really all about flying around and cruising through the sky so the video is aptly named ‘Cruising’ and its no more complex than that. Throw in some free, snappy, upbeat music and here we are! I hope you enjoy!


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  1. Al-Azraq says:

    I am also starting in editing with Davinci, it is a great piece of software and it is free! Although I have not many time to dive into it unfortunately so just testing at the moment.


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