1CGS is taking IL-2 anti-cheat measures up a notch, serious warning issued

There are cheaters in the IL-2 multiplayer community. Their presence can ruin multiplayer sessions for everyone else, fortunately 1CGS has announced enhanced anti-cheat measures and they will be watching for cheaters and banning them from the game. Cheaters be warned!

Only warning!

A post earlier today on the IL-2 forums announced the “IL-2 Sturmovik Security Branch” with its own forum account and a very serious looking logo. The announcement contained a statement, translated in multiple languages, with notice that that cheaters would be found and they would be banned.

Here’s the message:

Attention Pilots:
Due to continued cheating in multiplayer, we have formed a new security apparatus within our international development team as represented by our badge above. This team is armed with new tools to prevent and catch cheaters. We will not discuss our methods, technology or sources and no warnings will be given if we find out you are cheating. If you are caught cheating, you will be banned permanently from IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles multiplayer. Everyone who purchases and/or plays IL-2 Sturmovik: Great Battles series is bound by the same Schedule 3 “Safe and Fair Play Policy” of the End User License Agreement.
Any previous postings about our anti-cheating policies are now made obsolete by this message.
This is your final and only warning. Do not try to test us to see how serious we are or get curious on how to cheat and ‘just try” to see what is possible. All attempts will be treated equally with the same result. 
The Sturmovik Security Branch

It can be read in English and about a dozen other languages from this post on the IL-2 website.

How much cheating is happening?

There are certainly some stories out there about people cheating in IL-2 multiplayer. A few of the most egregious have been spotted using speed hacks where a player will exploit the game engine, allowing them to fly faster and climb more quickly than they otherwise should be able to.

For all of the efforts by the developers and the desires from the community for historical accuracy and detailed flight modeling, there appears to be a different type of virtual pilot that is only interested in circumventing the experience.

Normally I can find other words to describe things but frankly… cheaters suck.

They ruin the experience for everyone else who is playing legitimately and they take time away from the developers. The developers should be spending time creating the features and content we want. Instead, time has to be spent combating cheating.

Fortunately, the people who do this are few, and most of the people you meet online are going to be flying just as the rest of us are. For those that aren’t, 1CGS new efforts will surely be finding and removing them from the player pool. And from the sounds of it, 1CGS are very serious about doing that.

And what is cheating?

A few in the community are worried that things like ReShade or some of the mods that the game engine supports are going to be considered cheating. Fortunately, it sounds like that is not at all the target of the new effort by 1CGS.

Jason responded to a few questions on this and it sounds like a tough, common sense, approach will be followed:

The cheaters know who they are and will be dealt with. Further conversation on this topic for the vast majority of you is not needed. Carry on as before. Casual modders that do not violate our EULA have nothing to worry about.

Jason Williams on the IL-2 forum

So, for everyone else not actively cheating, carry on is the message being sent.

3 Comments Add yours

  1. bigalrico says:

    I can only agree.

    Cheaters remain the worst. They not only gain an unfair advantage, they also ruin the gaming experience for others. And then at a game where it makes no sense at all. There is no level or grind system like in War Thunder or other games any more. For me, it’s an ultimate admission of guilt for their inadequate abilities. I hope the newly formed team catches them and succeeds!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. SuperJ101 says:

      Exactly, I’d rather suck with my own abilities than win by cheating. That would just make me feel dirty.

      Liked by 1 person

    2. Aaron C White says:

      Yeah, I just don’t understand it. In a game where you have to learn and try so much, only to turn around and cheat to get an advantage in online play that’s literally just for fun.

      It makes no sense to me.

      Liked by 2 people

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