New assets for DCS including WWII and modern

It’s a smaller DCS World Weekend news update this week as Eagle Dynamics shows off some work in progress efforts on the DCS WWII asset pack as well as a new asset for the modern DCS World simulation. Let’s have a look!

New WWII assets

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen some bigger updates for the DCS: WWII assets pack and it looks like Eagle Dynamics has pushed forward on several with two being shown off today. First, the A-20G, a solid nosed strafer and light bomber with a 4,000lb max bombload and six .50cal machine guns in the nose and a further two .50cals in the rear powered turret.

The A-20G is an AI aircraft only at this point.

Another addition to the asset pack is the Type VIIC U-Boat for the German Navy. These were the workhorse of the fleet and one of the most common types of U-Boat. Some versions were armed with extra flak batteries in an attempt to stave off RAF attacks from the air, however, British tactics changed with formation attacks on U-Boats and the use of RP-3 rockets.

Type VIIC’s had active sonar, five 21in torpedo tubes, and an 8.8cm deck gun. They were able to make 17.7 knots on the surface and 7.6 knots submerged.

Once the future flyable Mosquito is added to DCS World, I’m sure these will become an interesting target.

T-72B3 for DCS: Syria?

A new T-72 tank model is coming to DCS World with the T-72B3 getting a very impressive visual treatment. This MBT has a 125mm smoothbore cannon, 12.7mm top mounted heavy machine gun and a 7.62mm coaxial machine gun.

This is a common type mentioned in use in Syria. Does this mean that Eagle Dynamics is intending to release this type to the DCS World package around the same time as the Syria map is released? Possibly.

It’ll be a good looking target for helicopter and jet flyers while upping the visual ante for Combined Arms players. More like this please!

Check out the full update here!

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Francesco Kasta says:

    “The A-20G is an AI aircraft only at this point.”

    Man, it would be nice to have some flyable WWII bomber in DCS, mainly to fiddle around in the cockpit with all those buttons, levers, knobs and switches.


  2. Skycat says:

    As an offline player I’d rather see development of an exclusively WWII instant action mission generator for the Normandy map. But sure, let’s add a U-boat instead.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Two different types of teams would be required to do that kind of thing for DCS WWII – but it’s a fair point in terms of missing gameplay functionality.

      DCS remains a superb simulation but a very average game experience. IL-2’s QMB is just flexible enough to offer up some fun gameplay and practice opportunities and DCS would be wise to emulate that as a minimum for their WWII assets.


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