New DCS: F-16C video details landing procedures

Eagle Dynamics and Matt Wagner have released a new video detailing the DCS: F-16C coming this autumn for DCS World. This new video details the landing procedures for the F-16 Block 50 coming to DCS World. It’s a short 5-minute video but it’s our best look yet at the F-16 in motion.

Out of order series

The academic series is not quite in order, however, with several systems still being programmed it seemed like the landing procedure was the next logical one to do given available systems. Matt Wagner talks about this in the opening.

The rest of the video is a nearly 6 minute overview of landing procedures in the F-16 including performing an overhead break, correct speed and angle of attack, and the aerobreaking procedure.

Check it out!

Release coming early autumn

Word from Matt Wagner during the video is that DCS: F-16C will come to early access in “early autumn.” Of course, estimates are sometimes off, however, the F-16 looks to be aiming for an October release.

A lot of basic systems now appear to be functioning and the HUD looks good in the video. There are probably still basic navigation and other aids that need to be worked out prior to launch.

I hope Eagle Dynamics is able to offer some key features before launch such as a fully functioning air to air radar (even if its STT only) and a rudimentary IFF at minimum. These features were missing on the Hornet and lead to some frustrating early days for many virtual pilots.

Nonetheless, I expect that the F-16 will make progress through the remainder of the year and that we’ll see quite a lot of them flying around in multiplayer servers and in single player scenarios. Looking forward to it!

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  1. Michael Dwyer says:

    Early Autumn, can’t come soon enough but it is encouraging that it might come before November.


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