A-10C cockpit update, Hornet to get Walleye next

The DCS World Weekend News update this week was fairly light on details but we did get some new images of the work in progress A-10C cockpit and news on what weapon the Hornet is getting next: spoiler, it’s the Walleye!

A-10C update moving along

The current A-10C model still looks good, but newer modules are starting to surpass it.

The DCS: A-10C set the benchmark for DCS World and perhaps for all of combat flight sims by offering one of the most in-depth looks at a modern combat jet that any of us have ever seen. Years later and the DCS: A-10C still stands as a key achievement for the Eagle Dynamics team but it does look a little dated next to the aircraft that are currently coming online in 2019.

Looking at these new images we can see that the detail levels are impressive.

Looking forward to seeing more of that, plus textures, in future updates.

As of right now we have no idea when this update might come out but I would guess that it may be several more months. Nonetheless, the A-10C remains immensely popular for fans of the series and so this upgrade is going to be very warmly welcomed.

Hornet to get the Walleye next

The AGM-62 Walleye is an older munition that was superseded by the Maverick. This TV guided munition was a long range glide bomb that was among the first of the guided munitions alongside the laser guided bombs.

They were used in Vietnam and during the Gulf War and could be equipped on the F/A-18 Hornet.

The Walleye I had a 250lb high-explosive warhead while the Walleye II had a 2,000lb warhead. Both are coming to DCS World according to the information we have but I suspect that it is the 2,000lb version that may have caught some folks attention.

Look forward to seeing that coming to the Hornet in the next few weeks.

More on the DCS World Weekend News update.

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