Bodenplatte focused early impressions patch 3.201

The new patch is out and there’s so much content that I just haven’t had a chance to explore it all. That said, I did some flying tonight in both single and multiplayer and it’s very impressive what 1CGS has been able to do. There’s clearly a reason why this patch has taken a bit longer and it’s all of the little things that really add up here… But there’s also some big things!

New planes!

The most exciting bits are the aircraft and with four new aircraft, three of them flyable, the whole patch immediately gets exciting. The fact that they are extremely popular and interesting types just ups the hype for this and my first impressions are that 1CGS really delivered.


The Mustang is superb. Others have tested its raw numbers while I haven’t but I can say that it’s a joy to fly. It’s pleasant in a way that the one in IL-2: 1946 never was. There is a bit of a nasty stall if you really ham-fist it but even then it is recoverable. That aside, it’s a pure joy to fly at least for me. I haven’t used it in combat yet but there’s a lot to like.

It has a lot of features too. K-14 gunsight, rockets, bombs, added ammo, removable .50cals, and so forth.

Then there are the little things and my favourite comes up during fast and tight turns. The aircraft whistles… just like the real one! So, in a diving turn you’ll hear this glorious whistling which I’ve heard is either the noise made by air passing between the .50cal machine guns or something to do with the radiator. Either way its an unmistakably Mustang like sound and that’s awesome.


The P-38J is impressively modeled as well. There are a lot of sounds inside the cockpit at different speeds, the engines make a pleasant hum when they are all set-up in cruise mode, the detailing is impressive and I love the way the canopy closes.

The firepower is outstanding as well. Doubly so when you learn about the two 2000lb bombs you can sling under the wings.

It was a very popular airplane on KOTA and Combat Box tonight so clearly the community has found a favourite. At least for tonight!

Tempest Mark V!

My personal favourite, the aircraft I’ve been waiting for years to reappear in the series, is finally here after a long wait and it’s superb. Jason Williams had to pull out all the stops to get access to enough Tempest resources to make this happen and I’m eternally grateful. It’s beautifully modeled inside and out and it’s a real beast of an aircraft with my brief flying tonight.

The Hispano Mark V cannons are powerful and the Tempest can rocket along at very high speeds indeed. It comes with 500lb and 1000lb bombs slung under each wing as an option. No rockets but then it was never historically fitted with rockets in combat.

A stunning aircraft with much more flying time here soon!

Mitchell! (AI for now)

1CGS doesn’t treat their AI planes any differently from fully modeled. The only distinguishing feature is the lack of a cockpit and gunner stations – for now. The B-25D is beautifully modeled with lots of detail and about the only thing wrong with this aircraft is how badly I now want to fly it.

With a little luck I hope to see it become a flyable in the next title. As is… the B-25D will make a useful type for missions over Germany as an AI plane.

The map!

The Rhineland map is here! It’s massive and it covers a great amount of terrain with a fair bit of variation between rolling hills, river valleys, wide open fields, and so forth. The map feels different than Kuban or anywhere else we’ve been and that’s done both with the geography and textures as well as the buildings which are all very different from what we’ve seen in the east.

I’ll have more map focused discussion later but suffice to say that it’s brilliant and possibly the best yet.

We don’t yet have the autumn, winter and early spring variants of the map so I imagine those will be coming in the follow up patch.

Spotting, sounds, more!

There are so many new features that I have scarcely checked out any of them. I did notice the new spotting mechanics tonight in multiplayer. It’s working well and it provides ample ability to spot without aircraft jumping out at the screen or appearing like a swarm of black dots.

This is a real improvement and a gamechanger.

The sound engine has also been updated and aside from apparently fixing a nasty bug with sounds disappearing, there are also seemingly more sounds and more nuance to the sounds. The 1CGS team has tweaked a lot of different values here and just about everything has been retouched in some way. I haven’t flown everything yet but I like what I hear!

That’s all for now

It’s been a bit of a late night writing session to get this in so there’s more to cover and the new Arras map is worth a close look soon too. I’ll be flying more and reporting back soon!

Update: Corrected some late night grammar mistakes 🙂

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  1. HBPencil says:

    My first impressions from just flying around and engaging in some 1v1 against a.i. are thus:

    – P-38 and P-51 sound awesome! Makes me wish the Spit IX audio was more like the Mustang’s as it sounds more Merliny, if that makes sense. They’re also quite nice to fly.

    – Tempest is a beast. I did better in this than the other two, likewise I found the Tempest harder to fight than the others as well. Cockpit audio is good but external audio is a bit underwhelming.

    – Map runs well considering how large and detailed it is. The occasion stutter at low level over cities or if I move my head too fast.

    – Pilot physiology model is interesting, I like the extra dimension it adds to dogfights. Also had an instance when I was badly wounded by a B-25 gunner, thought I was dead but had passed out and came to after a bit, but with red ‘wounded’ vision.

    All in all I like it and it makes me look forward to the skin templates and career mode.

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  2. bigalrico says:

    The new sounds are amazing! All machine guns sound a bit different (preferably the 50s) and I think the P-38 is a pure orchestra of sounds! But also the tempest and the P-51 are great.
    Over Köln (Cologne) I had the hardest drop in low flying so far, I will try it again the days and see if I can do something about my graphic settings.
    All in all I am speechless about all the innovations and improvements. You can even see the muzzle flashes on the D9 when you shoot (How cool is that??? 😀 ). Great stuff from the Devs 😀

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  3. Skycat says:

    I flew several hours of ground attack last night and I really like the improvements. The Tempest is an exceptional platform for picking off vehicles with steady accuracy; my favorite moment was chasing a lone Opel Blitz into Koln (?) and nailing it with a squirt of cannon fire as I roared between two cathedrals.


  4. Mischiew Rithe says:

    I haven’t heard the Mustang’s whistle yet, I’ll have to check that, so good they could put this feature! It’s always been a nice plane to fly.

    The P-38 is an interesting beast, but not really agile, I’ll have to find the adequate combat style!

    I’m seriously concerned with the quality of the Rhineland map, there are plenty of odd-looking patches through fields, repetitive lines of trees in the middle of any place, and a mix of what looks like large (fake?) roads and much more conspicuous actual roads. I have the same impression I get on XPlane when I messed up when trying to import a Ortho4XP scenery. I really hope it’s not close to the final version.

    Does anyone else see those aberrations too?

    Other than that, there’s so much to explore! And I need to find a picture to stick in my cockpit 😀


  5. Blue 5 says:

    The map is still WiP and I would expect the finished version sometime before Jan. Lots of little issues still remain.


  6. Grognard says:

    I’ve briefly tried the Mustang and Tempest and enjoyed both – oh, that glorious Mustang howl, reminded me of the solo show at Duxford i witnessed several years ago. A small change, but a very welcome one for me, is the ability to map trim to sliders 😁 I’m really going to enjoy putting Bodenplatte through its paces in the coming weeks!


  7. Oyster says:

    I didn’t see the red-out, maybe in the next update.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      It’s there if you push hard enough into negative G territory.


  8. Francesco Kasta says:

    I had a blast the other day with this update, perhaps the most fun (sim-wise) I had in years.

    The Tempest is simply outstanding. Those four Hispano cannons feel like Thor’s hammer, though you do need to get pretty close to the target because the heavy projectiles drop like rocks and with just 140 rds each you also need to refrain from being trigger happy or you’ll empty your guns in just a few bursts.

    I also loved those nice touches like the whistling sound in the Mustang or the turbo-superchargers whine in the Lightning, they really improve the whole experience!

    The only really sad note of these days regarding WWII aircraft is the tragic loss of the B-17G Nine-O-Nine and its occupants. Such a shame.


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