Thursday night fly-in for Flying Circus

If you’re looking for some late week multiplayer action in IL-2: Great Battles Series’ Flying Circus, tonight is the night as US103, JG1 and J5 host a regular fly-in event. Here are the details!

Every Thursday

The Rise of Flight and Flying Circus community once again prove that they have great organizational powers by holding regular multiplayer events and this time it’s the Thursday Night Fly-In – a tradition that stretches back years within the Rise of Flight community.

Here’s what it’s all about:

We at the US103 Aerodrome wish to extend an invitation to all pilots of Flying Circus to join us in a weekly event that has previously been running every Thursday in Rise of Flight. Alongside our friends-and-enemies of the JG1 Squadron, we have been trying to boost community activity by hosting this regular weekly event – and we think the time is right to transition to Flying Circus! 

US103_Larner on the IL-2 forums

This week, the event will be happening on the J5_Flugpark server with action kicking off around 8:30 pm Eastern. Everyone is welcome to come join in on the multiplayer fun and if you want to see what Flying Circus can really do – now is a great chance!

I stumbled into the event last week and ended up having plenty of fun. You can read about that experience here!

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  1. Jonathon Coughlin says:

    I will be flying this event here:
    Feel free to join 🙂


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