New DCS: Supercarrier details, A-10C upgrade

This DCS World Weekend News update brings us a couple of key updates and one miss that was planned from last week. Let’s have a look at DCS: Supercarrier and the DCS: A-10C upgrade that is underway.

The Warthog gets an upgrade

I’ve reported before on Eagle Dynamics efforts to upgrade the A-10C Warthog and bring it up to the latest DCS World standards. In addition to visually appealing upgrades, the cockpit is being designed with VR in mind so it should appeal to all of those VR users out there.

These images show the latest from the project to upgrade this module and if you imagine how good the DCS: F-16 cockpit is… I think we’ll see things on a similar level here. Looking great so far!

New DCS: Supercarrier updates

We’re looking at plenty of new images of the DCS: Supercarrier along with some interesting feature updates. The DCS: Supercarrier is intended to be a far higher fidelity simulation of the USS Nimitz-class carrier complete with multiple stations, its own self defense systems, lighting, and so forth.

While a few of those features should probably already be on the current USS John C. Stennis module, there are some breakout features that are quite interesting that make the DCS: Supercarrier project go above and beyond. Here are some key features from what was announced today:

  • Animated aircraft elevators.
  • Three carriers from the Roosevelt sub-class (CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt, CVN-72 Abraham Lincoln, CVN-73 George Washington).
  • Deck parking allowing up to 14 aircraft to be spawned on deck with a review aimed at increasing that to 18 in the coming months.
  • Static deck vehicles (AS32A-31A Flight Deck Tractor, AS32A-32A Hangar Deck Tractor, AS32A-36 Aircraft crash and salvage crane, P-25 Fire Fighting Vehicle) that can be placed by mission designers.
  • LSO and Airboss stations

The rest can be found right over here on the latest DCS World Weekend News.

One Comment Add yours

  1. Francesco Kasta says:

    About the carrier module: static vehicles are a little disappointing. It’s Not a very big deal but I hoped the vehicles would be animated in order to make the deck feel more alive.


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