IL-2 devs put finishing touches on Bodenplatte, Flying Circus

It won’t be too long now before IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte and Flying Circus Vol 1 are officially released and this week’s developer diary focuses on the final touches that the team are putting on both titles in anticipation of the 4.001 release. Let’s have a look at the latest!

The four seasons of Bodenplatte

IL-2: Battle of Bodenplatte was always going to be more than just a January 1, 1945 scenario as the title covers the European air war from September 1944 through to the end of March 1945. As with previous titles, the series has ensured that it has a map to fit the theme and the current summer iteration of the map is just one of four seasonal variations with an autumn, winter and spring version of the map.

We have a FW190D-9 flying around in Autumn for this first set of images.

A Tempest Mark V takes the foreground in the second winter themed version of the Rhineland map.

Finally, with the winter over and the conflict reaching it’s final conclusion… spring!

I personally really enjoy that 1CGS does this with their maps as the change of seasons help tell the story and it keeps me immersed in what’s going on. Winter is the biggest change but the burnt colours of autumn (and Moscow’s autumn map is currently one of my favs) really help tell the change of season.

In the developer diary and on the forums, 1CGS and IL-2’s Lead Producer Jason Williams are keen to point out that development on the series will continue even after this major 4.001 release and that the Rhineland map is apparently going to see some further updates.

Career mode incoming

Bodenplatte has a few features remaining before it’s truly “complete” (a relative term) and that includes an all new Career mode for the series.

The Career mode features 115 squadrons including 65 that the player can join from all three air forces represented by the title. They can take-off and land at 70 airfields on the Rhineland map. Most of those airfields are historically recreated while a few are best guesses due to lack of available information. This is an impressive feat.

Career mode is likely to be very similar to what we’ve seen in past releases though I am hopeful that they have managed to tighten up some of the generated missions. Nonetheless, I’ve had a fair bit of fun with Career mode on Moscow, Stalingrad and Kuban and it can generate both average and exceptional single player missions. I will definitely be checking out Bodenplatte’s missions too!

Achtung Spitfire!

Don’t forget that SYN_Haashashin’s Achtung Spitfire! campaign is also coming out with this patch. Achtung Spitfire! is a 20-mission single player scripted campaign taking place in the Kuban and featuring the Spitfire Vb.

I’ve already had a sneak peek at it and it’s a great campaign to really dig your teeth into. Full review will be coming eventually (when I’ve had a chance to play everything).

It’s available for $12.99 on the IL-2 store and releases with 4.001. Check out my Community Q&A on the campaign as well!

Flying Circus’ remaining content

Ugra Media, 1CGS’ third party collaborator that has done plenty of work on the Flying Circus project, have completed their work on the Arras map with the Amiens cathedral receiving some additional effort. They have also completed revamped artillery, machine gun positions, and vehicles.

As you can see above, these are all done at levels beyond what we’ve seen in past Great Battles releases. That’s great to see and with a flying experience that forces you to be that much closer to the enemy simple due to the speed and armaments involved, it’s a nice thing to pick out the details as you sail past.

Even better for us cinematics and movie makers!

Once these are in, Flying Circus Vol 1’s primary content will all have been released. With luck we’ll see a Vol 2 that will fill in some areas that Vol 1 wasn’t able to cover while giving us some added aircraft.

It’s an exciting moment for the series

Version 4.001 is the culmination of two years of development following the announcement of these titles in December of 2017 and the release of IL-2: Battle of Kuban and version 3.001 in March of 2018.

It’s been a long road but the time is finally near and patch 4.001 is going to be a big moment for the series. With IL-2: Great Battles expanding beyond the Eastern Front, the series has brought in new and old fans alike with their late war Western aircraft and with the developers return to the World War I theme that they built part of their reputation on.

Check out everything in the IL-2 Developer Diary right here!

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Gretsch_Man says:

    I fully agree with you – a very exciting moment for the series it is indeed.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Francesco Kasta says:

    I have been waiting a really long time for the career mode on the Rhineland map!
    I already see myself starting about half a dozen new careers without ever actually completing a single one.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Det says:

    So the map is done then. Kinda a shame IMHO, as its pretty rough around the edges. Maybe the engine is just showing its extreme age. I mean it is over a decade old.


    1. ShamrockOneFive says:

      Map is still going to see updates:

      “In the developer diary and on the forums, 1CGS and IL-2’s Lead Producer Jason Williams are keen to point out that development on the series will continue even after this major 4.001 release and that the Rhineland map is apparently going to see some further updates.”


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